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burn a CD and mail it to disneychannel

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Who is the best disneychannel singer?

It has got to be miley cuyrus

Was Demi Lovato famous before she joined disneychannel?

yes, demi lovato was famous before she was on disneychannel. she was an actress and a singer. although, she was very young.

What was disneychannel called before disneychannel?

toon Disney

How can you be in Disneychannel?

To be in Disneychannel you have to go on and auditions.the second thing is moved to California or Miami Florida.

Was sponge bob on disneychannel?

No bcuz sponge bob is made by Nickelodeon and say Cinderella its made by disneychannel

What number is disneychannel?

Its 173.

Is janiyyah timberlake in disneychannel?


Who on disneychannel is a Muslim?

no one

What were the games in the disneychannel games?

The Disneychannel games had rock,paper,scissor, Simon says, and a lot more. But for now I kinda forgot because Friends For Change replaced The Disneychannel games... :) You're Welcome.

Is there a disneychannel in the Philippines?


Is keke palmer a disneychannel star?


What is Disney channel's Twitter?

It is @disneychannel

Who won disneychannel games?

no one yet

Where to watch Jonas online?

Try disneychannel.

Disneychannel auditions in neworleans?

diny chanal

Is Demi Lovato going back to disneychannel?


When is good luck charlie on disneychannel?

it alleady is

How can you become a Disney channel actress and singer?

hey my name is lajewellz prophet and i love actess and singing i want to be on disneychannel too, so look for audition in your state or not and be confident and try out and there you go .

How did Jordan Pruitt become famous?

she auditioned on disneychannel.

Who is the oldest Disney star on disneychannel?

micky mouse...

How old Dylan and cole when they watch disneychannel?


Who is the oldest person on disneychannel?

i think it is Kevin Jonas

What channel is disneychannel on?

On My Sky TV The Channel Is 40

Will there be another season to my babysitters a vampire on disneychannel?


What day is Jonas coming out on disneychannel?

September 24th 2008.

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