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How can you be confident?

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Believe in yourself , don't let anyone get you down and if you do a good job tell yourself you did . (Example : You get an A on a test "Good job Alex" or good job whatever your name is )

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Hot to be confident?

Well yes! being confident is good in every situation. If you are confident about how you look, everyone else will be confident around you. Hot to be confident? hmmm NO ! you dont have to be hot to be confident. ! But you definetly have to be confident to be hot ;)

Is confident and adjective?

Yes, confident is an adjective -- She is a confident person.

What is a sentence for -confident?

Jackie was way too confident of herself.

Confident in a sentence?

I am confident about my ability to do the job.The players seem more relaxed and confident this season.He has become more confident in his Spanish-speaking skills.They have a confident air about them.We are confident that conditions will improve soon.

Is confident a verb?

No, confident is an adjective.

What is a confident animal?

the animal who is really confident

Is Selena Gomez confident or arrogant?


What is the Hebrew word for confident?

confident = batuach

What is the adverb for confident?

The adverb form of the adjective confident is confidently. It means in a confident or assured manner.

Is confident an adjective?

Yes, confident is an adjective. It is used to describe someone or something.Example: a confident person

Is Katy Perry confident?

She is very,very confident.

What part of speech is the word confident?

Confident is an adjective.

Why was Harry Houdini confident?

yes he was very confident

What is sample sentence using the word confident?

Are you confident you can do this

How confident are you in your answers?

Confident to provide the answers of your questions

What is the comparative form of the word confident?

more confident

How do you be confident in kissing?

It takes a very confident and comfortable person to be a confident kisser. You just need to get comfortable around him/her

What is the opposite of self-confident?

The opposite of self-confident could be unsure, uncertain, timid, or self-doubting.

How would you use the word 'confident' in a sentence?

'The football player was extremely confident as he prepared to take the penalty.' 'The CEO was very confident as he stood to make his speech.'

What animals are confident?

the Bald Eagle is a very confident animal...:/

What is noun for confident?

The noun form of the adjective confident is confidence.

What is the difference between confident and confidence?

confident is an adjective He had a confident smile. confidence is a noun He has real confidence in his abilities. i have confidence.

How can you legally make a million dollars in 90 days?

3 word 1 confident 2 confident 3 confident

What is the Verb form of confidence?

Confidence - to be confident I am confident You are confident etc That's how to use it as a verb.

What is a sentence using the word confident?

The confident student easily passed the verbal examination. The politician was confident that he would be re-elected.