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You can be feminine with short hair. All you have to do is have a touch of feminism through your fashion (like wearing dresses or blouses with spring colors or light colored ones); you can also put accessories on your hair like big bows and stuffs that are girlish.

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Why long hair is better then short hair?

Long hair is suppose to make you look more feminine and attractive.

What is a fem boy?

A fem boy is a feminine boy. Slender figure pretty face, Long hair and or short hair. But wears make-up, and some feminine things, but not a cross dresser.

Why do lesbians have short hair?

Some lesbians have short hair because they want to have a more masculine appearance, and / or are rebelling against ideas of traditional feminine beauty standards. Some lesbians have short hair for the reasons many other people have short hair, such as convenience and / or they think it suits them. And finally lots of lesbians don't even have short hair, and prefer to keep it long.

How can a male make his hair more feminine?

A male can make his hair more feminine with a feminine haircut done by the right hair stylist to make sure it looks okay. Also, if there is not enough hair to shape a feminine hair style then hair extensions can be used. see the attached website for more information and photos.

What does kit kirkstone look like in A Cue for Treason?

She has short blond hair, a strong yet feminine build and deep blue eyes.

Allele for short hair is dominant?

There is no allele for short hair. Short hair is not a pheontype, it's a hair cut.

Why is Dora's hair so short?

dora's hair is short because short hair is cute.

What are some hair styles for short hair?

Short hair and short hair styles can be great if you select the right short hair style as shown in the short hair styles pictures. See Best Short Hair Styles link There are a number of styles for short hair depending on how short you want it. Some short hair styles are a bob, which is just above the shoulder. There are also very short styles such as a "pixie" style cut where it is extremely short with the back often being cut short with a razor.

What is this year style short hair or long hair?

short hair

What is a hairstyle magazine that has hairstyles for short hair?

there is short hair,and website

Why do girls normally have long hair?

Having long hair is considered a feminine trait to some. Some women prefer to wear their hair long because they feel that it makes them look better than having short hair. It all depends on the person's preference.

Is tv masculine or feminine?

Feminine. La télévision (or "la télé" for short).

Does Selena Gomez really have long hair or short hair?

She Has short hair

I have tried sitting my dad down to talk but he just doesn't get the memo that i want my hair short he doesn't want me appearing as a dyke i just want to change up my style man?

If you want to try a short hair style your father doesn't approve of, maybe you should demonstrate to him that short hair can be classy and feminine. Many famous actresses and models have short hair. If your father still isn't convinced, you will have to decide whether it is worth it to disobey and incur his wrath.

What a good hair style for 11 year old with short hair?

my hair is to short i want brash it but it is to short

What are some hairstyles for short hair?

the best site to find information of short hair, short hair styles and short hair styles photos is attached.

Does haruhi have long hair or short hair?

Haruhi Fujioka currently has short hair.

Did Sabre tooth tigers have short hair or long hair?

i think short hair

How do you twist short hair?

well you need a hair twister and it depends on how short your hair is

Does the Ankole cow have long or short hair?

short hair

Which is prettier short hair or long hair?

It doesn't matter, because some short hair is prettier than long hair and some long hair is prettier than short hair.

Do huskies have short hair?

not all huskies have short hair but some do mostly long hair

How do you say short hair in spanish?

how do you say short hair in spanish

How do you be feminine?

Wear jewelry, makeup, and style your hair.

Is short hair attractive?

it's not the shortnus of then hair it dapends on the stile and coloer and stuff how do i no i have short hair