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There are a few services that track the sales price for every used vehicle. Insurance companies are SUPPOSED to take into consideration anything special about your vehicle, but in reality they will only pay you what it would have brought if it were sold at a used car lot. Try this link:;slp

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Q: How can you be sure that the price the insurance company is offerring you for vehicle is fair?
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How much does commercial vehicle insurance cost?

Commercial vehicle insurance varies depending on the risk you prove to have as a driver, what type of insurance you are getting, and with what company you are getting it from. There are many variables that affect the price.

Does gap insurance cover a vehicle that's insured when in accident?

No, you are misstating what GAP coverage is. GAP insurance is a separate type of insurance that you can purchase as part of your finance agreement or on your personal auto insurance. What GAP does is pay the difference in what your insurance company pays and what is actually owed on the finance account for the vehicle. This is especially important when a vehicle is newer. An auto insurance policy pays either the cost of repair, replacement of the vehicle, or actual cash value of the vehicle at the insurance companies option. If the vehicle is totaled they pay ACV which on a fairly new vehicle is less than the purchase price. Purchasing GAP insurance is usually far less expensive when purchased from your insurance company than the finance company.

What happens to a stock price after a final public offerring?

The market determines it.

What kind of information do you need to give a company to get a car insurance price quote?

To get a car insurance price quote, one must give the insurance company your personal demographics of age, sex, address, occupation, driver's license number, and other personal details. One must also provide the make, model and year of the vehicle, as well as extras include on the vehicle, such as car stereos or upgraded wheels. You must also include any damage to the vehicle and the general condition of the vehicle to receive your insurance quote.

Does statefarm insurance cover 15 Passenger vehicles?

You will have to purchase a commercial auto policy in order to operate this type of vehicle. Everything will depend on what you are doing with the 15 Passenger Vehicle as to what the classification will be and what the price will be. It is very important that you be truthful with your insurance agent when you go to get a price. the coverage is as good as the information you give to the insurance company.

What is a fair price to pay the insurance company to keep a totaled vehicle?

I feel the price depends upon the year, make, model of the vehicle totalled as well as how badly damaged is the vehicle in question and do you have a vehicle on hand to possibly transfere the salvageable parts from the totalled vehicle to the replacement vehicle? Also did you get enough money from the insurance company for the total prior to inquiring about buying it back? This would perhaps be a personal decision you have to make and not someone else deciding the buy back for you.

What is the average price for RV insurance?

Average price of RV insurance can vary. If you need total loss replacement then price of insurance may be high. Also price of RV insurance depends on vehicle condition i.e. new or used vehicle. You can ask for RV insurance quote online, compare rates and offers and choose the best RV insurance.

How can I find general auto insurance?

There are dozens of ways to get auto insurance. You can buy auto insurance online by searching auto companies or in your phonebook and newspapers. Each company varies on price and coverage for your vehicle.

Where can you get Florida vehicle insurance?

There are many places where it is possible to get Florida vehicle insurance. A price comparison site would be the best option so that insurance can be compared.

Does the price of a vehicle contribute to higher insurance premiums?


What factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing mechanical breakdown insurance?

Things to consider when purchasing mechanical breakdown insurance is if the vehicle is covered by any manufacturer or dealer warranty, the price of the insurance vs. price of the vehicle, and how much wear and tear the vehicle has and will endure.

What do you do if your car was totaled in an accident and the insurance company doesn't want to give you what you have found on the internet for comparable vehicles they say they can find it cheaper?

Keep in mind that the insurance company will compensate you for the actual cash value of the vehicle. This means the amount of money that it would take to replace the vehicle. Insurance companies do not use advertised prices to determine actual value. When was the last time that you actually paid "sticker" price for a vehicle?

What company gives cheap van insurance?

Unfortunately, the price of insurance varies depending on your credit, type of vehicle, miles driven, and whether it's for commercial and personal use. You can contact Progressive insurance and they will give you multiple quotes.

Will getting an escalade make your car insurance go up?

Depends on what you are currently driving. Factors in your insurance price are: 1) How much the vehicle is worth 2) Is the vehicle on the high theft list. 3) Safty features in the escalade VS the vehicle you are currently driving. Your best bet would be to ask for a quote from your insurance company so that you can know what to expect to pay for insurance on the escalade.

What color make your car insurance go up?

This is a ridiculous myth. The color of a vehicle has nothing to do with the price of insurance. I have never seen an insurance application that even asks the color of a vehicle.

Where can one go to get insurance quotes for company vehicles?

Most insurance companies offer insurance for company cars. Check with the company you use for your own car. Usually they can do a price comparison for you.

What is the average price for kwik fit home insurance for a home in the valley?

Kwik Fit Insurance Company provides home insurance in the United Kingdom. As with any insurance company their price for coverage varies directly to the value of your home. An average price would be 1500 pounds for a 150,000 pounds home.

The price of a vehicle contributes to higher insurance premiums?

It can, most often it depends on the risk symbol assigned to the vehicle.

What does it cost to hire a moving company in Brooklyn?

Usually, The price of the moving company depends on the distance and the material in which you like to carry. Make sure that hiring cheap movers will results in various problem. Check the following things before hiring any moving company 1. license of the company. 2. insurance of the company. 3. Insurance of the vehicle

If your insurance company does not want to give you Fair Market Value for your totaled car is there anything you can do to make them pay FMV?

Insurance companies will not give you the book value for a vehicle, the will give you the market value. Which means they search the classifieds for the lowest value of the vehicle and discount it again in an effort to give you their lowest price. Sue the driver of the vehicle,this will put pressure on the insurance company to come to an agreement with you. You can also contact the insurance bureau in your state, although I will admit it's very time consuming,you will get results.

What is the average price for motorcycle insurance for a 21-year-old in California?

Here is a link of a company website who provide Auto insurance service in USA. I am also using their services for my vehicle insurance and travel insurance. You can contact them and they will assist you. Link:

Where can one get a motor insurance quote?

The price of your motor insurance varies with each insurance company. You can ask your insurance company for quotes. You can also go online and check out websites such as The Motor Insurance Quote Network for information.

What is the average price a bank pays a recovery company for the repossession of a vehicle in the state of Mississippi?

The average price a bank pays to repossess a vehicle is anywhere from 200.00 to 400.00. The actual price will vary depending on the company and location of the car.

Which insurance companies offers the cheapest vehicle insurance rates?

There are many different companies that offer different rates on vehicle insurance. It is recommended to visit these different companies to receive a quote to determine which price is cheapest.

What is the price of antique vehicle insurance?

Antique vehicle insurance is always more expensive than regular insurance. If you have a bad traffic record then it will be even more. You're looking at approximately $200 a month or so.