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How can you become a Disney channel actress if you live in Sinapore?


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if there is a Singapore Disney channel then I beleve you could like call Disney


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If you want to become an actor or actress all you have to do is look for "Disney Auditions."

by coming to the US and auditioning for Disney Channel.

do your best but not everything is set in stone. You have to know the right people to be a actress

There are Disney channel stations all over the world. Try to find the one closet to you and get in conntact with them.

Get into acting where ever you live and then just hope for the best.

Use this website.. http://corporate.disney.go.com/auditions/experience/index.html. Good luck.

They have to have a tiny bit of talent and be pretty.that's about all it takes.

maybe if u bet theyll write back your welcome

what you can do is that you can look up for movie or t.v. shows in tour area and see if you get in.

Always dream big about your dream and try to find a Disney Channel agent

I would suggest looking on the internet to find UK Disney channel jobs. Maybe start off as an extra or as minor roles in Disney channel programs made in the UK. Maybe then you could get a big role and then do work for Disney in America. Good luck :)

Disney Channel was first launched as 'The Disney Channel' on April 18, 1983. In 1988, it omitted the term "The" from it's title to become just "Disney Channel".

Simple. God will provide you with a way. :) Just as he has for me...:D

The only way you can join the Disney Channel Games is too become part of the Disney Channel Crew!

there are different places, check disneyauditions.com you can also get help by going to http://www.youtube.com/user/thatsophiakid

To be an actor/actress on any Disney Channel TV show, as far as I'm concerned, you have to audition in that thing that comes around. Hope that makes sense! =)

she saw her mum on Broadway and asked her mum if she could become famous but as an actress on tv, when she was a kid she loved Disney channel so that is what lead her to the Disney channel job Xxx luv ya Selena

This is what I thinkTo be a good Disney channel actress you have to be slutty and willing to get under paid. Well some actresses are nice.I'm warning you don't become one.

practice practice practice..... also search on Google for websites that show open casting calls. Also, you can go to www.modelsearchamerica.com and have them call you and set up an interveiw. This is how Miley Cyrus became a Disney channel star

It is not the business of the Disney Channel to decide who is and who is not famous, or who can become or not become famous. People become famous based on their talents and their work, regardless of their religion.

No, playhouse Disney is going to become Disney jr. Hope I helped!

Get an agent and if you are good they will get you jobs with Disney and in other places.

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