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well you need to be rich with money and pay for being

a singer and listen to her songs pactice or you can get rich get an agent lip sinc a really old song and nobody will know all you have to do is be pretty

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How did cheryl cole become a singer?

She became a singer when she won Popstars The Rivals, a competition like XFactor. She started in a girl band, Girls aloud.

Does Cheryl Cole like being a singer?

Yes she does.

How do you become a singer like Michael Jackson?

No one will ever become a singer like Michael Jackson. NEVER. Not even close to it...

Is it become a singer or became a singer?

It depends on present or past tense. Such as: "I want to become a singer, like my friend Larry. He became a singer a couple of years ago".

Can i become a singer like you?

yes if you try

Did Cheryl Cole Really only like Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I.Am for his currency.?

No she didn't.

Who is a better singer Jennifer Hudson or Keyshia Cole?

Everyone has their own opinion. I honestly like them both.

How can you become a singer and rapper like Nicki Minaj?

Following the steps that she did to become a rapper.

What does it take to become a singer?

To become a singer you have to 1. be able to sing 2. Get an agent and 3. start your career after you have completed those 3 easy steps put a song on YouTube and then a famous singer will find you, hopefully like you and you have become A FAMOUS SINGER.

To be a singer how do you get notice?

Some ways you can get notice - style ( like lady gaga ) - voice ( like beyonce ) - performance ( like Madonna ) - looks ( like cherly cole )

How does one become a singer?

you can become a singer by going in drama schools or find a studio in a big city for example like New York London

What does kisha batista look like?

Look for Azmarie from America's Next Top Model

How do you become a singer at the age of 8?

you go to the people who, judge if your a really good singer, then you get like,a lot of $$, if, they say you can be an ,like , an actual singer... totally. CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTO GRAPH?! :DD

How do you become more like Gabriella Montez?

To become more like Gabriella Montez you would have to be shyer and a great singer!

How do you you become a famous singer when your seven?

You might have to sing and if a teacher thats like a teacher who teaches people how to sing/dance sees him/her you might become a singer

Will you ever become a singer if you have no money?

Yes like 50 cent.

How can you become an amazing singer like Justin Bieber?

just practice :)

What classes should you take in high college if you want to become a singer?

if you want to become a singer take as many music opportunities as you can like show choir or others

Has Debby Ryan ever been naked with Cole Sprouse before?

Ewww, No Debby's Not A Perv Like That, She's A Good Actress, Singer And Rolemodel. She's Never Even Dated Cole Sprouse.

What was Miley Cyrus's imsporation to become a singer?

She wanted to be just like her dad

What made Miley Cyrus become a singer?

She went to the casting of Hannah Montana and then she sings like Hannah, so she beamed a singer doing Cd's like Hannah.

How do you become a famous singer when youre 11?

make up titles and songs like i do

Do you have to have good grades to become a singer?

That depends on if you want to go somewhere like juliard or not

Is cole like Cody?

No, Cole is actually like Zach, and Dylan is more like Cody.

What is a good way to become a famous singer?

try out for singing contests like American Idol.

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