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because people like me ... we hate food its our worst enemy your staving yourself ... to become thinner you cant just become Anorexic you know ... its a decease in the mind. you don't just become it some are born with it!

if you want to be anorexic you will be a wanmanorexic anorexic is a mental condition in the brain where as a wannanoriexic isn't it means you want the decease. or to be like one.

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Q: How can you become anorexic when you love food?
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How do you become an anorexic?

You can become anorexic by not eating or limiting the portions of food in a diet, and by going on a very strict diet.

Summary of the book In defense of food an eater's manifesto?

Become anorexic

How do sims become anorexic?

They can't become anorexic.

Is there a book on how to become anorexic?

There are not any books available that tell you how to become anorexic, but there are guides on the internet that can tell you how to become anorexic.

How much money is spent on anorexic teenagers?

Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =) Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =)

What are the bad things about being anorexic?

When you become anorexic, many people will try to stuff food down your throat, so they can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, once I was anorexic for a month, I was dizzy, everything was so bright, and I almost collapsed. Lastly, being anorexic may lead to bulimia which causes even more problems...

How do i become anorexic?

I don't think you'd WANT to become anorexic, I've had to live through it and it's not fun. Over time you become more and more obsessed with how much food you eat, and limiting your food intake, until it gets to a point that you don't want to eat much at all, if anything. It's very stressful, and no matter how slim you get you still feel like you're still fat. And no, it doesn't ever look good to be anorexic, because your bones show, and that's an obvious sign of a disorder.

How many people become anorexic in the UK?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people is anorexic.

Does your heart shrink if your anorexic?

It cant really it won't promise me but doen't become anorexic you can die of it

How do you become Anorexic in a day?

You don't

What celebrities are anorexic?

They want to be able to become models so they go anorexic and its gets really bad

What if you can't become anorexic because stomach keeps rumbling?

Anorexia is a dangerous illness. If you want to become anorexic, then please see a therapist or counseler to talk about why.

Why do celeberities become anorexic?

I think that celebrities become anorexic, because when they were children, or teens, their hero or heroins were anorexic, and their anorexic now. But maybe it is because they don't think they are skinny enough (which of course every celeb is), and try to go on a regular diet, but end up going anorexic. And regular girls see them doing it, so they go anorexic, and it just passes down generation to generation, and it gets worse and worse each century.

What do you call an actor that really really gets into playing the part that he is acting For example they become anorexic in real life to become the anorexic character?

I believe it is a method actor.

What is the fastest way to become anorexic?

BEST. Like the best way to get into a car accident. Anorexic is a mind set. OCD helps but girl you just want to be skinny and that not anorexic.

Can i become anorexic if I am 13?

yes of course you can

How do you feel before you are anorexic?

Before a person become anorexic, they are just like any other normal person in the world.

When did tyra banks become anorexic?

It has never been confirmed if Tyra actually was anorexic but the rumors began to spread in 2009.

Why do boys become anorexic?

Boys and girls tend to become anorexic for generally the same reasons, are though there are far more girls who are anorexic than there are boys (girls:boys = 9:1). Usually it has to do with social pressures and a desire for one's body to look a certain way.

How long do you have to keep making yourself sick to become anorexic?

Making yourself sick (as in throwing up) means that you are bulimic. Anorexic means that you strave yourself and work out more to lose weight. You don't just "become anorexic" it is a mental disorder.

How much should a Anorexia person eat and how much do they actually eat?

Anorexic people don't eat but dont become anorexic!

When you become anorexic do you get fat?

The exact opposite happens

What might cause one to become anorexic?


I am scared that I'm becoming anorexic but I've been on lots of diets and they don't work what can i do?

Being anorexic is a serious disorder. Even if you diet frequently, that does not mean you are anorexic. If you stop eating or become unhealthily obsessed with your figure and do become underweight, then seeking help would be your wisest option.

What percent of the people in the US have anorexia?

Roughly 1 out of every 250 people is anorexic, or has anorexic-like tendencies when it comes to food.