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prove you are smarter than your peers and get really really high grades.

the more you study and sacrifice the more you will succeed. With the internet you've got it a lot easier than past generations. Also suck up to the teachers being a teachers pet helps with marks.

In other words, lose your hard earned reputation and your life up to this point.

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Q: How can you become really smart and skip a grade?
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Should I skip eighth grade?

Well, you can't skip a grade unless your really extremely smart.

How do I rank up a grade in school?

By doing all your work and trying your best and to skip a grade be really smart

How hard is it to skip a grade?

Very hard cause you have to really smart, good grades, no rudeness ,and to fighting

What grade did princeton from mindless behavior skip?

they skipped the 9th grade because they were too smart ;)

Why did ray-ray and Princeton skip up a grade?

Because they are smart enough.

How do you skip a grade?

In order to skip a grade in middle school, you probably have to take a test, that proves, where you should be. If you past the test, then you might qualify to skip a level. It is also up to the Administrations at your school.

Should a 12 year old in 7th grade skip a grade and move on to high school?

only if they are super-super-duper smart!

Can you skip Fifth Grade as a Gifted Student?

It is possible for a gifted student to skip a grade, but it depends on the individual's abilities and readiness. Schools may require testing and evaluation to determine if skipping a grade is appropriate, taking into consideration the student's emotional and social development as well.

How do you skip 6th grade?

You can skip 6th grade when you exceed the standards for the 6th grade cirriculum.

How can you skip a grade?

If you contact your district's Superintendent, and complete State Standardized testing, I do not see a reason that you would not be allowed to advance a grade. If you pass a 5th grade exam, you can move on to 6th grade, etc.

How can a child be put in the right grade if they have failed?

I really think he/she could take an Test to get skip to his/her right grade. That would be fair enough .

Can you skip a grade in fifth grade?

No. The 5th grade is an very important year and to skip it means you will not have all the data you need for 6th.