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if you want to set up a dog walking company! make some leaflets on a computer which look interesting with your name and telephone number on it and any qualifications you have. also what service you provide wether it is one dog at a time or if you walk many dogs from the same area. put a ruff guide price on it. then you can print off lots and deliver to houses in the areas you wish to walk and also advertise in the local pubs and shops. easy as 1,2,3.

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How do you Train Dog without Leashes?

There are 6 Tips on how to walk your dog and master the dog walk-: 1. Walk in front of your dog 2. Use a short dog leash 3. Give yourself enough time for the dog walk 4. How to reward your dog during the walk 5. Keep leading, even after the walk 6. Reward your dog after the walk

When to walk your dog?

when to walk your dog every day

How Do dog Walk on?

Dogs walk on the path or on the grass. If your dog is a good walker they will walk with walk on the grass they do, you walk on the path they do, and is you walk on the road they do.

Can a 9 year old girl start a dog walking service?

If a nine-year-old girl is capable of walking dogs and people will pay her for the service, she can start her own dog-walking service for neighbors and friends. It is a good idea for her to walk dogs that she already knows, because it is difficult to know which dogs are friendly and which dogs are harder to walk.

how do I walk my dog with out her chasing a rabbit?

It's simple DON"T WALK HER.

When are you supposed to walk a dog?

any time you think your dog needs a walk.

how much do you have to take your dog for a walk?

1cE a week

When do autistic children begin to walk?

children begin to walk at the age of 1 years dummys

What is the first dog to walk on the moon?

The name of the first dog to walk on the moon was Crikey

What is the shortest word to spell?

a - as in 'Walk a dog.' I - as in 'I will walk a dog.' 'k - as an abbreviation of ok

Can baby dog walk when born?

noo.. i didnt know dog could walk

When are kids allowed to walk a dog?

A kid is allowed to walk a dog at age 4 as long as a adult is around. But if adult is not around then you have to be 10 and up to walk a dog. But if is a big dog then you must be 12 and up. But if it is a very little dog and if a parent is around then you can be 1 and up to walk the little dog.

What Will A Dog Walker Do?

A Dog Walker will take your dog out for a walk and keep them company. The time and intensity of the walk will be determined by the age and health of the dog, to name just two factors. A dog walker steps in and helps when you are not capable to walk your dog on your own.

How does a dog become a service dog?

A dog has to go thru a special process that trains them have to be a service dog.

How long do you walk dogs for?

You should walk your dog for as long as the dog wants to be walked for. Your dog needs plenty of exercise.

Where is dog?

On a walk.

How long do you walk dogs?

walk your dog until you both are tired so you know that it was a very good walk for u and your dog

How old do you have to be to walk a 3 pound dog?

There is no minimum age to walk a dog or any animal.

Why does your dog walk backwards on the linoleum floor?

Your dog will walk backwards on the linoleum floor because it feels cornered. Your dog may also walk backwards because they are playing.

When do puppies begin to walk and run?

they will start to walk in 2 weeks and around the fourth week they will begin to run.

How often should you walk a dog?

A dog should have exersize every day. This is a basic for training, if you can master a walk you can master the dog.

How much money would it be to walk a dog for an hour?

It depends on how far you walk. I remember I had a walking a dog business and for an hour walk I charged around $15. It also includes how big or small the dog is or how hard it is to walk it.

How do you walk a dog while eating pizza?

Shove the flipin pizza in your mouth and walk the flipin dog.

What are the release dates for I Walk My Dog - 2012?

I Walk My Dog - 2012 was released on: USA: 2012

Who was the first dog to walk on the moon?

laika was the dog