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How can you breed brother and sister rabbits?

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It is not recommended to breed closely related rabbits, especially litter mates. There is a very limited gene pool when you line-breed that close and can in some cases lead to mutations/deformities. The deformities may not always be visible as some GENETIC mutations will not cause physical deformities, it all depends on how the chromosomes match up. Some kits may be perfectly fine, but others can have severe and noticeable deformities, some of these deformities can be blindness, deafness, abnormally grown limbs, or they can also be stillborn.

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What happens when you breed brother and sister rabbits?

They will be stupid and wierd

Does matter if rabbits are related to breed them?

They can breed with any relation a part from brother and sister

Why is brother and sister rabbits not recommended to be breed together?

It is not recommende for brother and sister to breed because they have the same DNA and can result in issues with the babies(kind of like humans). However this may sound strange, but it is ok to breed mother to son and father to daughter.

Can you breed brother donkey to sister donkey?

You should not breed a brother donkey to a sister donkey. This can result in serious issues in the offspring of the pair.

Can you breed brother to sister cattle?

Physically interbreeding of brother and sister cattle can be done, but it is usually not recommended.

Can you breed half brother and half sister dogs?

can you breed a hald brother and half sister together and have ok pups they have the same father but diff. mothers

Will brother and sisters rabbits breed?

I heard they will but the babies will be wierd and stupid

Can brother and sister dogs breed?

only if they are from good familys but let me ask you would you mate with your brother or sister

Can you breed your shih tzu brother and sister?

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Can you breed brother and sister from the same litter together?

Yes, you can.

Can you breed a brother and sister pig?

that's gross you r tard

How often can you breed rabbits?

You can breed rabbits whenever you like.

Can rabbits breed with a mouse?

Rabbits cannot breed with a mouse .

Can you breed sister and brother wolf dogs?

yes they will mate it takes time .

Can brother and sister ducks breed?

Yeah, they can. So long as you don't breed the brother and sister's duckling to their own brothers and sisters and so on, they won't have any defects

Can rabbits breed without me breeding them?

All rabbits need to breed is that there are male rabbits and female rabbits together.

Can different color puppies have the same father and be brother and sister?

Depending on the breed, yes.

When do you have to separate brother and sister rabbits to avoid pregnancy?

You should separate the does from the bucks when they reach six months at the most. You can separate them a little earlier if toy want to. This is because, female does can breed when they reach 6 months old.

How old do rabbits breed?

Rabbits can breed any where from five to six months of age.

Can you breed brother and sister pigs?

Yes, but it is not recommended, as birth defects could soon be the result.

Half brother and half sister dogs can you breed his son to his half sister?

yes, but the baby will not have a leg or arm or something i suggest you dont do that.

You have a half brother and half sister cocker spaniel can you breed his son to his half sister?

who the hell is ever gonna ask a question like that?

How old do baby rabbits have to be before the male can be around them?

NEVER let the babies and father in a cage together.. he will try to mate the babies and will hurt them (start fighting the males.. I've seen some terrible damage done from housing adult rabbits together.. even littermates once they reach puberty). Rabbits have no sexual boundaries.. a father will breed it's young a mother will breed with her son.. brother and sister will make babies. Never put unneutered rabbits of the opposite sex together unless you want them to mate.

Do dog shave skin problems if brother and sister dog mate?

They can have all kinds of problems as well as deformity. Brothers and sisters should never breed. You can breed a father to a daughter and a mother to a son but not sister to brother. It is also bad to down breed to the second generation. You end up with smaller and sickly babies then.

Can domestic rabbits breed with wild rabbits?

No because there are no such things as wild rabbits. They are called Hare's and they can't breed either because they are 2 entiraly diffrenet species. Cottontails ARE rabbits and yes, they can cross breed if they get together.

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