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How can you bring Pokémon from Pokémon Silver to Pokémon FireRed?

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2009-04-25 08:58:04

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You can't bring Pokemon from the old games 2 the new games.

2009-04-25 08:58:04
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Q: How can you bring Pokémon from Pokémon Silver to Pokémon FireRed?
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Where can you download pokmon FireRed?

You can download it at 4 SHARED.

How do you get the Hm Surf on Pokemon Silver?

You get it at the olivine city pokmon gym

How many gyms are there in pokmon soul silver?

16 Jhoto and Kanto

Where can you find a seviper in pokmon heart gold?

No, it's soul silver exclusive.

What Pokmon can be caught on Pokmon Blue?

i dont no get a better game like pokemon ranger pokemon diamon pearl or platinum or black white soul silver heart gold or gardian signs

Where do you get the silver wing in Pokemon FireRed?

you cannot get it in firered.

Can you get a blaziken in pokmon FireRed?

no, blaziken is a third generation Pokemon (region: hoenn) and the third form of the starter torchic in rby/spr/emld

Can you capture Pokmon in Pokmon Battle revolution?

you cant

Where is mt silver on Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Mt. Sliver on FireRed

Can you trade from FireRed to silver?


Can you trade Pokemon from silver to firered using 2 Game Boy's and a link cable?

No silver is not compatible with firered.

What trainer has a chikorita other than your rival in soul silver?

You can get chikorita in pokmon, just click A when chikorita shows up.

Where can you find Rare Candies in Pokmon Soul Silver?

well you are going to have to have the rare candy cheat because you can get heaps or get them from the pokealathon

How do you get the rainbow feather in Pokemon FireRed?

The rainbow wing is in gold and silver not in firered.

Can you trade a Pokemon from silver to FireRed?


What is the correct pattern in pattern bush?

There are two patterns in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. If the pattern is colored, it means the Pokemon may be found there. If white, however, there is no way of finding a Pokmon.

Can you trade pokemon from soul silver to FireRed?


How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Silver onto Pokemon Diamond?

correct me if im mistaken but if you take silver and firered for example and trade them then u firered to diamond

Where is mt silver in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no mount Silver in Firered. only a mount Ember.

Who is Giovannis kid in firered?

Silver from G/S/C (gold,silver and crystal)

What to do to go to mt silver in firered?

Pokemon league

How do you catch the Pokemon Sunkern in Firered?

== ==trade it from silver

Where can you sell your Pokemon Silver and firered?

You can look at Gamestop.

For Pokemon FireRed can you battle the rival fron silver?


How do you get hoenn sound in soul silver?

After obtaining the National Dex, every Wednesday, the radio show Hoenn Sound appears on the Pokmon Music channel. If you play this music while in certain areas of Kanto & Johto, Pokmon usually indigenous to the Hoenn region will start to appear in the wild