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How can you buy one of the old London busses?

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Contact London Transport and ask them.

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Where can one buy a Sony Notebook in London?

There are many places where one can buy a Sony notebook in the city of London, located in the country of England. One an buy a Sony notebook in London at places like Laptops Direct.

Where can i buy a donut van in the UK?

you can buy one in London in Harrods?

Where can one buy 2010 Honda Civic around London?

One place to look for a 2010 Honda Civic is at a Honda dealership. There are many of them located around London and they should have this vehicle to buy.

Could you fit the population of London in one thousand double decker busses?

Not even close- and not even with pushing and shoving. A double decker can hold about 90 people. Population of London is 8.64 MILLION people. That would take at least 96,378 double deckers.

How many CAN busses does a Tesla Roadster have?

One. The connection is in the ceiling of the footwell.

What is the Old Bailey?

Old Baily is one of the major and historical court in London

Where can one buy tasty apple pies in London?

One might be able to buy tasty apple pies in London at a few different places. One could get one at Julian Pie Company or at Egremont Russet. One might be able to get one at a place called Anne May's.

How old is your bernus watch?

My bernus watch is 2 years old and I am about buy a new one if yours is as old as mine you should buy a new one too!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can one buy cheap flowers in London?

Cheap flowers can be bought in London is one of the various outdoor markets. There are markets in Camden Town and in Spitalfields as well as Portobello Road.

Where can you buy a boo dog?

DU at a pet shop no really buy it from a pet zoo in London it will be cute.Ihave got one puppy

How old London bridge?

The current London Bridge - the one in London - dates from 1973. Its predecessor which is now in Lake Havalu Arizona, was originally built in 1820.

How old do you have to be to get a turtle?

To buy one yourself, 18. A 3 year old could have a turtle if their parents buy it for them.

It a permit required to buy commercial property in London?

Yes, you need to be 21 to purchase any property that is commercial in London. It is dangerous for anyone under that age to buy one because you may not know how to care for it.

Where can one buy a Middlesbrough style parmo in London?

You can't, because they only sell them in middlesbrough.

Are there good stores in London to prepare for traveling?

There are several good stores in London to prepare for traveling. London is a major city that one can buy any travel necessities for most any location.

Why is there the nursery rhyme about The London Bridge?

Because once there was only one bridge and that was the london bridge and that nursery rhyme is very old

Where can one go to buy tickets to vacation in London?

If you are planning a vacation to London then it's good to plan ahead and buy tickets to the attraction you are looking forward to seeing. At Viagogo you can buy tickets to live music, sports events and for the theatre. You can also combine tickets for the London Eye and Madame Tussard at a company called Londoneye.

Can you play airsoft at nine years old?

If you know how to work one you can. But you are not old enough to buy one

How old do you have to be to buy an airsoft gun?

To buy one you must be 18 or older, to use one no age limit.

Where can one buy used furniture sofas in London?

You can go to merchantcircle's site. On top, they have a tab the section of 'Home & Garden." Click this and go to 'Furniture' and then 'Used Furniture'. It will provide you with many used furnitures in London that you can buy.

Where can one buy from Tommy Hilfiger outerwear in London?

Tommy Hilfiger is a famous brand, which can be bought in many stores throughout the center of London. The brand even has its own store, where everyone can buy the outerwear the company has to offer.

How old is Sean brennan of London after midnight?

No one knows because no one has proof of his birth date.

What does the London docks look like today?

The old London Docks have been converted - or are in the process of being converted - into residential and office accommodation. There is even an airport on one of the old docks.

How old do you have to be in Italy to buy cigarettes?

One has to be at least 18 to buy cigarettes in Italy.

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