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Every Month a portion of your Salary is deducted towards EPF - This will be referred to as "Employee Contribution". Your employer too contributes a certain amount every month towards EPF - This will be referred to as "Employer Contribution".

Employee Contribution: 12% of your Basic Salary + DA (Comes out of your Salary)

Employer Contribution: Another 12% of your Basic Salary + DA (Comes out of your Employers Pocket)

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What is the difference between employer's provident fund and employees provident fund?

There is no such thing as an Employers provident Fund. There is only Employees provident fund and it is provided to help employees accumulate a retirement corpus

When was Central Provident Fund created?

Central Provident Fund was created in 1955.

What is the interest rate on unrecognized provident fund?

There is no such thing as an Unrecognized provident fund. The rate of interest on provident fund in India is 8.6% per year

Which one is better between voluntary provident fund and public provident fund?


How many FDI in provident fund?

None. The Indian government does not allow FID in provident fund

How can calculate provident fund?

If basic salary is Rs. 10000 the PF is 1200. It is 12% of the basic salary

Is there necessary to sign of previous employer to get provident fund?

Yes. The Employers signature/attestation is required to get the provident fund

Can you deduct provident fund on conveyance?


When provident fund is implemented?


What is the expansion of pF?

Provident Fund

What is contributory provident fund?


Is Government Provident Fund money falls into Riba category?

Yes, the interest paid by provident fund will fall into riba category

How many staff should be in a company to start provident fund?

how many staff should e in a company to start provident fund

Does the company or union decide witch Provident Fund to have in a company?

No. The government has the Employee Provident Fund which is mandatory for all employees of companies in India

What is the difference between provident fund and pension fund?

The difference between a pension fund and provident fund is in how the benefits are paid out. A provident fund pays all he retirement benefits in a lump sum cash benefit at retirement. A pension fund pays one third of the benefit as a lump sum at retirement and the rest is paid out over the lifetime of the beneficiary.

Is provident fund taxable on behalf of company?


Is Honorarium attracts Employee Provident Fund?


Who owns provident fund?

Government of India

Is Provident fund a retiral component?


Is the withdrawal from the provident fund is the responsibility of an employer?


What is current provident fund rate?


What is the significant difference between a Employees Provident Fund and a General Provident Fund in Indian Context?

Nothing because they both refer to the same thing

If i dont pay provident fund am i permanent?

I dont think so. Every individual who is the employee of a company has to get provident fund. So, in your case I doubt that.

What is the minimum required number of employees for under Employee's Provident Fund Act in India at present?

20 employees required for enrollment in provident fund scheme

Should absconded employees be given provident fund?

No, it is not required. You need to pay provident fund only to people who are regular employees and not people who have left the company or absconded.