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How can you catch manaphy in Pokémon Platinum?

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The only way to get a Manaphy is by trading it from from a copy of Diamond,Pearl,Platinum

or use a cheating system, such as Action Replay,or GameShark.

Or you could get it from Pokemon ranger by getting a manaphy egg

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How do you catch manaphy on platinum?

you cant realy catch it on platinum so sorry. but you can get Pokemon diamond or perel and get manaphy on those games. hop dis helped :)

Where can you catch manaphy on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant, but you can look at the book in the Pokemon mansion to see manaphy.

How can yao catch manaphy on platinum?

you can't catch manaphy on any game you must have the manaphy egg from the secret mission on Pokemon ranger. (you can see manaphy in trophy garden room where the fat guy and the butler is)

How do you breed manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't, you catch it on another game and trade it over to platinum

Where can you catch a manaphy in platinum?

you can't catch manaphy, but if you want to add it to your pokedex, there is a book with mr. backlot in mansion that will add it. (it is behind him on the table in the room he is in.)

Where do you get manaphy?

You can only catch Manaphy by transferring with 1 of the Pokémon Ranger games but if you only want Manaphy for your Sinnoh Dex in Platinum then there's a book in the Pokémon Mansion in Mr. Backlot's room that will add Manaphy to your Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Platinum.

Where do you catch manaphy in platinum?

tell me or i fu k to death ok i telling you

How do you catch manaphy in platinum?

Ya need to transfer an egg from Pokemon ranger

How can you catch manathy in platinum?

You can't only with the Modifier Cheat and you misspelled Manaphy.

How do you catch manaphy on Pokemon platinum?

you cant catch it, but to get it in your pokedex go to mr blacklots mansion and go to his office and read the book on the desk then manaphy will be added to your pokedex

How do you catch phione in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch it anywhere in the game. You need to breed a Manaphy with a Ditto in order to get it.

How do you catch phione on Pokemon Platinum?

you need to put dito and manaphy in the daycare and they will have an egg

How do you catch managhy in platinum?

manaphy can only be received from a Pokemon ranger game to my knowledge

Which games allow you to catch manaphy?

Diamond,Pearl,Platinum,Soul Silver & Heart Gold

Pokemon Platinum where to find manaphy?

Unfortunately, you cannot catch manaphy in Pokemon platinum without cheating, which, I usually vote against, because it can easily corrupt your file and damage your game. You can always trade with someone who has it.

In Pokemon Platinum what comes after manaphy in your Sinnoh pokedex?

Its Phione in Pokemon Platinum, You can get it by breeding a Manaphy and a Ditto Actually; Rotom comes after Manaphy in the Platinum pokedex. Kthnx. http://pokemon.marriland.com/platinum/pokedex/list/sinnoh/ Rotom comes after manaphy in the platinum pokedex phione can be made by breeding a manaphy and a ditto but he's actuelly not in the platinum pokedex :D

How do you catch phoine in Pokemon platinum?

you cannot catch phione. it appears through manaphys egg, though phione cannot evolve into manaphy

What is the best pokmon game ever?


Where do you get a manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

you can't. manaphy is very rare. you get a Manaphy Egg.

Can you catch manaphy in emerald?

yes you can catch a Manaphy on emerald. (if you have a game shark)

Who is after manaphy on the dex in platinum?

darkrai is after manaphy on Pokemon platuinum.

Where do you find a trainer with a manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no trainer in Pokemon Platinum with a Manaphy. However, you can trade with someone who has a Manaphy, or complete the special Ranger mission in Pokemon Ranger and transfer the Manaphy egg over to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Where do catch phonie on pokemon platinum?

You can't catch it. You'll have to get a Manaphy from the events and Ditto in the Day Care together, and you'll get an Egg. It would contain Phonie.

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