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Several steps are involved.

First, be sure that the engine is cold. Remove the radiator cap on the cold engine to remove all pressure. Then disconnect the car battery and take care that the car keys are not in the ignition switch. (Never start the engine during this process.) Remove the plug at the bottom of the radiator and remove the fluid, if the fluid is old dispose of it. Then remove the front grille of the van. Disconnect the radiator hoses from the radiator and the engine with a proper screwdriver. Examine for cracks and replace if necessary. Two main bolts hold the radiator in place with clamps at the sides, remove the bolts, then you can lift the radiator from the van using both hands, be careful not to strike tor dent he radiator against hard surfaces. Check the fan belt, replace if necessary.

Assembly: The reverse procedure of what is described above.

Replace the hoses or clamps if necessary, make sure the system is not leaking after filling up with proper anti - freeze or pure clean water. Test-drive, then check again for leaks, observe the temperature from the meter in the dashboard.

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Q: How can you change a radiator on a 1985 Toyota van?
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