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Have you tried using a straightner? I think you can also get it chemically straightened, sort of like a perm, but instead of making it curly, they make it straight. If you don't mind chemicals you can straighten your hair with a hair relaxer. You can use or have someone who is experienced (hair dreeser) use a straightening comb or a flat iron works great too. It would depend on how long you'd like for your hair to remain straight. A relaxer lasts for about three months w/o touch ups (relaxer only to the new growth o your hair) Patti

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What type of Hair does Artie have from Glee?

Artie's hair is just straight and short.

If your hair is straight what type of hair is that?

type 1

I have short really curly hair how do you get it to go straight naturally not using hair straightners?

it is impossible without straightening of some type

Do guys like straight hair or curly hair better?

Well i prefer straight hair, but i think it depends on the type of guy ^^

Could a person with curly hair and a person with straight hair both be homozygous for the hair type trait?

A person with curly hair and a person with straight hair can both be homozygous for the hair type trait. Wavy hair is a heterozygous dominant trait.

What type of hair will a baby have if the father has straight hair and the mother has curly hair?

If the baby is a girl then she will most likely have straight hair. If the baby is a boy then he will most likely have curly hair.

What type of hair will a baby have if the mother has straight hair and the father has curly hair?

well my mom had straight hair and my dad curly and i have got curly hair but its just chance really, you cant be sure

What type of flower goes great with straight hair?

a lily

Does Jacob look better with short hair?

Jacob looks hot with any type of hair long and short

What are three human traits that have incomplete dominance?

hair type. For example, straight hair vs. curly hair = wavy hair

How can you change your hair type from short hard hair to long shiny hair?

get extensions If I were you, I'd just grow it normaly, and use the shampoo and conditioner found in health food stores. go to the hair cutters if it too long

What kind of hair type does Chad Murray have?


What is the difference between traits and characteristics?

The best way to understand this is with examples. Hair color is a trait. Brown, black, red, blond are characteristics of the hair color trait. Hair type is a trait. Curly or straight are characteristics of the trait of hair type. Body size is a trait. Tall or short are characteristics of the trait of body size.

Does the instyler work on thick hair?

Yes the in-styler can work on any hair type from thick, curly hair to thin straight hair

Could a dad with curly hair and a mom with straight hair have a child like either parent?

Yes, they could have a child with either type of hair or even a child with wavy hair. If two straight haired parents had straight haired children, but the parents-parents had curly hair, the straight haired children's kids could have curly hair too. If anyone in the family had a different type of hair (or any feature for that matter), there is a chance that the kids or even grandkid's could get it.

How do you get 360 waves with straight hair?

The only way you can get 360 waves is if you have sort of curly hair, but if its just straight with no type of curl to it there will be no chance of you acquiring waves.

Does a hair iron make the hair straight?

Yes. Depending on the brand and the setting of the hair iron, it will make your hair very straight if you have the patience to use flat irons properly. Be sure to put it on a moderate heat for your hair type and it should straighten your hair.

How do you change your hair type from thick curly hair to straight hair?

i realize many girls between the ages of 10-30 with thick hair want straight hair. some people say to get the hair chemicaly straightened is the best way to get it done. but thats a lie, its taking a chance to haveing your hair fall out if you dont do it correctly. most men like thick hair on girls straight or curly. in my experience, i have short,thick,curly, uncontrollable hair.and i know its a pain in the ass but if you buy a hair straightener it helps alot. straighten your hair for about 45 minutes at night time and put it in a ponytail. if your hair is too short to put in a pony, use snap clips or bobbypins to keep your hair down while you sleep. when you wake up straighten your hair for another 30 minutes and you should have pretty straight hair. shampoos also dry out your hair so if you ake a shower every morning or night or whatever, do shampoo and conditioner one day and just conditioner the next and keep a pattern going. if you keep up with this, you should have straight hair but its alotta work so you have to be devoted to it. Note: when buying a hair straightener , for short hair, get a thin hair straightener for the best results. the cheap hair sraighteners usually work better than the $ 50.00 ones.

What type of hair style does Erie has?

Erie's hair style is a short bob and her hair colour is blech blond.

Do chihuahuas have long hair?

Chihuahuas come in both short hair and long hair versions. There is no way to determine which one it will be except for raising the chance for a short hair or long hair by breeding two of that type.

What type of face do you have to have for really short hair?

pixie face

What type of hair is better curled or striaght?

I personally think straight hair with curled ends looks the best!

What hair type does Draco malfoy have?

He has naturally straight, white-blonde hair, usually neat. That is all we know.

Can girls with straight hair get the Emo haircut?

Yes, this is the best hair type for the style. it makes it easier to mantain.

Do more people have curly hair or straight hair?

It is actually more common for people to have not straight or curly hair, but wavy hair. Like skin color, hair type is a trait that tends to "mix". If a person with white skin and a person with black skin have an offspring, they will have a light brown skinned offspring. If a person with curly hair mates with a straight haired person, there is a chance they will have wavy hair