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If you connect your Facebook to your Answers account, your Facebook profile pic will replace the orange man.

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Q: How can you change the little orange man on your WikiAnswers profile?
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How can you put a picture to replace the orange guy on your profile?

For now, you cannot relink a different picture to your WikiAnswers account profile picture, but if you used a social networking site such as Facebook, your profile picture on facebook will be the profile picture replacing the orange guy on your WikiAnswers page. For an example, I linked my Yahoo email to my WikiAnswers account, and the picture I have on Yahoo will be the picture on my WikiAnswers profile (check it out if you want).

Can you change your profile picture on WikiAnswers and if you can how?

Yes you can. Just link your profile to a social networking site via 'my settings' and the picture on your other account will show up instead of the Orange Man.

Can you use avatars on WikiAnswers?

Yes, if you are connected to Facebook your Facebook profile picture appears where the orange man currently is on your WikiAnswers profile. Currently there is no other way to create an avatar on WikiAnswers other than connecting your account to Facebook.

How can I post a picture on my profile page in the space where the orange figure is on WikiAnswers?

Many users are given the option of connecting their Wiki profile with their facebook profile. Once this is done, the default picture of your facebook will become the picture in that space on Wikianswers. There is an option at the top of your profile with a link that allows you to connect your Wiki profile to your facebook profile. Once clicked, your facebook picture will now appear as your Wiki picture where the orange figure used to be.

Why is the WikiAnswers guy orange?

he is not.

Why is the most seen color on WikiAnswers is orange?

Orange is a motif of WikiAnswers; this stems mainly from the Orange Guy, the WikiAnswers Community Mascot. However, depending on the primary contributions of a user, orange is not necessarily the most common color.

If the WikiAnswers people are orange then how come orange is not one of the profile colors?

The Orange Guy is just our mascot. Consider this. Humans range from pale white to dark brown, yet the grass is green and the sky appears blue to humans. So if humans are not the same color as their planet, then why expect a fictional or alien person to be the same color as their world? Besides, if your profile page was orange, then the Orange Guy would be hard to see.

How do you change the Orange Guy on your profile to another picture?

Only if an account is created using a social networking site - such as Facebook or Twitter; or an account on Yahoo! or LinkedIn - can you change the "avatar" on your profile.(See Related question on how to do this.)

How do you improve a question on WikiAnswers?

You could either hit The Little Orange Pencil when it is unanswered, hit the Orange Improve Button, or use The Improve Question Link on the Blue Sidebar.

Who designed the orange person for WikiAnswers?

Leo Blanchette created the orange guy who is the "mascot" of WikiAnswers and many other sites. For more information about the orange guy look at the related link below.

How do you change email address?

It is very simple to change your email address for WikiAnswers. First, go to the My Settings page. Then, change your email to what you want it to be, and then hit the big, orange 'Save Settings' block.

How does the PH in orange juice change over time?

yes but very little... usually!

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