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Go to the DIY shop and keep going along untilyou will get to them :)

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To put a wallpaper on Pet Society on facebook is first buy a wallpaper on the DIY shop or the shop near the grocery store (down). After you buy go home and then go to the room where you want to put the wallpaper on. Drag the wallpaper to the walls of the room and TADDA!! the room will now have the wallpaper you bought or wanted.

go to the Stylist, then change it!

Go to the Stylist and pay 20 coins to change the gender of your pet.

You can't restart your pet but you can change the image of your pet by going to the stylish and change the image of your pet (by the way if your going to change the image of your pet you also need to pay for it)

To change your pets name in Pet society you go to the "Stylist shop" and once your in back space your characters name and type the new one. It will cost you 30 coins.

Open your inventory (chest) and click on the wallpaper you want. Drag that wallpaper to your wall and it will change places with the wallpaper that is there.

go to google chrome type in wallpaper then click the first label then type in bin pet wall paper and done!

In handy cafe clients you can use the active wallpaper changer to change your wallpaper. This is an application that easily allows you to customize your wallpaper and background.

Go to the Stylist and type over the name your pet already has, then click the tick.

There are no jobs for you in pet society

You can't change the wallpaper on a Kindle Fire, at least, not in its regular format.

UH. go to stylist then choose. but wait. you must have money to Pay for the changes..

the website in where you can change your patch wallpaper and champion skins are

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

To change the background in whatsapp messenger android you would first click settings and then click chat wallpaper. Click on the wallpaper you like best and save. When you save the wallpaper will automatically be changed.

You can go to your mobile desktop features of Laptop Desktop Features to change the wallpaper of your device. When you select a new background, it automatically replaces the old background.

yes all u do is click more then click set as wallpaper and then it will become wallpaper

On my HTC Desire Unlock phone Click Menu Wallpaper

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook.

settings - general - wallpaper - then change it. (if you want a blank wallpaper you have to upload a blank photo onto your ipod first.

settings - general - wallpaper - then change it. (if you want a blank wallpaper you have to upload a blank photo onto your ipod first

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