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Our attitudes are often a reflection of the way that we feel about ourselves. If we are depressed, don't like ourselves, or feel insecure about ourselves, it will show in how we relate to others. Talking to someone who you can trust, who is observant and caring, can often help us to discover what we really are feeling about ourselves. It can be very hard to remember that we are good people, worthy of the attention of others, with things to contribute to those around us. Having another person remind us of these things is very important, and is one of the main benefits of counseling from a specialist. But the most important thing is to know that you are loved, even if you feel that people don't show their love to you in the ways that you crave. It is astonishing how many people feel bad about themselves, and therefore are reluctant to be vulnerable with others, even people that they love. We are social creatures, who need affirmation from others to function properly. Unfortunately, affirmation is not something that our society teaches how to give and receive. Instead, we get critisim, anger, guilt, shame, and a whole mess of negative emotions. Even if you get mad at people close to you, remember that you would be much more unhappy if you were completely alone. You may not believe that, but I can assure you that it is true. We just don't appreciate people who we see every day. Sometimes our attitudes are out of our control, due to chemical and hormonal imbalances, and sometimes it's just a choice we make. I tend to be easy to upset at various times for various reasons, including migraine-like headaches. When I realize I've got a bad attitude, I try to make myself not react the way I would immediately, or apologize when I do. That much, at least, is my choice. ==new answer==Make a list of the qualities you don't like in a person. Beside this identify the opposite of this quality and practice using the good quality in their presence without their knowledge and observe the results.

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Q: How can you change your attitude and become nicer to your family and friends?
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