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CIGNA is the parent company of Life Insurance Company of North America.

If you have the policy number, you may contact CIGNA, which has its home office in Philadelphia, and start the search there.

Another alternative is to contact the agent who/which sold the policy. The agent's identity is normally shown on one of the first pages of the policy, or on a cover when the policy is in booklet form. If you cannot locate the agent at the address shown on the policy, contact the state insurance commissioner's office where the agent was located and determine whether or not he/she remains licensed. The insurance commissioner's office will have current contact information for the agent.

It might be the case that the original agent is no longer working or is no longer representing CIGNA/INA. If that is the case, your efforts are best directed at contacting the insurance company.

Keep in mind that these efforts might not turn out to be worthwhile if premiums were not paid for the duration of the premium-paying period. If it was a term policy, coverage generally would have terminated within if a premium was 30 days or so late, because a term policy does not accumulate cash value. If it was a whole life policy, the coverage might have survived for a period of time after the cessation of premium payments, as the policy may have "lived off" of the accumulated cash value until it was exhausted. At that point, coverage would usually terminate for nonpayment of premium.

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Group Term Life Insurance Plan - Certificate No. L40-3349838

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Q: How can you check on an old life policy with INA of North America?
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