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If it uses either a parallel or serial port, then you could by a "T - Switch".

Additional optionYou can network 2 computers together (direct connection), and just use File & Print sharing. Make sure you use a "cross-over" cable to connect the two PCs, or use wireless networking.
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Can you connect my printer to two computers?

Yes. The easiest way to do it is to have a networking printer where you can connect your printer to a router and connect it to your home or business network.

How can you connect three computers to one printer?

create a network with the pc's and the printer on 1 router/switch

What do you not do when connect a printer with a wireless router?

switch the printer on before the router

How do you make your printer wireless with a router?

It depends... If your printer supports wireless communication you need to make sure that you configured it properly. If it does not have a wireless card you have at least 2 choices. First one is connect the printer to one of your computers and share it within your working group. Or if your router has a printer server, and your printer is USB you can connect the printer to the router and use the router settings to configure the print server for your needs.

What is the procedure to hook up 2 PC to one printer?

Connect your printer to one of computers, and share it for all computers in your network. Or if your printer has its own network interface, connect it directly to the router and use it (you might have to configure it for your network settings).

How can you connect Windows 8 PC and windows XP PC to print from the same printer using a router?

If the printer is a network printer or the router has a USB port and supports the printer, you can simply connect the printer to the router and then tell each computer to search the network for printers. If the printer is not network-capable, you will need to set up file and print sharing on one of the computers.

Can you use a Belkin router as a print server for an ethernet non-wireless printer?

If your printer is network capable, it has own print server. Just connect the printer to the router. Then connect the printer as a network printer.

what is a wireless router that you use for a computer?

A wireless router is usually used to connect internet to your PC without wires but may be used to connect to computers together with the right kind of router.

Does a router for normal computers work without being plugged in to the computer?

It's correct, routers do not need to be connect to any computer to work. But if you want to create a network using a router you have to connect computers to it.

Can a wireless router work without a modem?

It depends on what you are using it for. I am using one with no modem to connect to my printer.

How do you connect a Printer to your computer with a ip address?

i assume your printer have that capabilitie, you will need a router, once the printer detect tge router youre ready

Can you connect to a printer using an Ethernet?

I do it through a router. My cord is plugged into the router. The router is plugged into the printer. In theory we could download the stuff to connect the other computer to the printer through the wireless connection but since it is hooked up directly to a different printer, we don't bother.

How do you connect two computers to the internet without having the IP addresses conflict with each other?

By using a router with DHCP turned on in the router

One Step Required To Connect A Printer To A Wireless Router?

One of the more inconvenient procedures that might have to be performed when trying to connect a printer to a wireless router is actually plugging the printer into the router with an Ethernet cable. This step often has to be done when initially setting up a wireless printer. It is necessary because the printer must acquire all of the network information directly through a physical connection before it is able to configure its internal wireless card. Once configured, however, the printer can be disconnected from the wireless router and will be accessible wirelessly to other computers in the network.

How do I connect my printer to my wireless router?

To connect your printer you must go through your PC and make sure that you establish a network between your router and all of your wireless capable peripherals.

How do you connect a printer to a wireless router?

To connect a printer to a wireless router, it would help to read the instructor's manual then open control panel, select your printer and it's properties and start the set up through there.

Can you hook two computers to one printer?

Yes, you can. There are multiple ways to that. First one is to connect the printer to one of computers and connect both computer to the same network or just to each other. Second one is available if your printer supports LAN. For this case you need a router or switch. Third one is to use print server, and you will need a router or switch but LAN support is not required. USA port must be present.

Can printers be shared on a local area network?

Yes, it can. You can use for printers with own NIC, or you can connect your printer to a printer server, or you can connect you printer to your router (not all routers support it), or you can connect the printer to your computer which is connected to the network and share the printer.

How do you install a simple network in a business?

To set up a simple network, buy a router (wired or wireless). Connect the various computers you wish to be in the network to the router. You may also wish to turn on various services on the computers like file and printer sharing.

I have one printer and four computers what gadget can I use to print from four computers to my printer without transferring the connection?

It depends on if you have a net-workable printer or not. If you have a wireless or ethernet equipt printer then you could use an wireless router that usually has 4 ethernet ports. I have my computers (six of them) hooked to an ethernet switch (and a couple connected wireless) which is hooked to a wireless router. My printer is wireless (or ethernet capable) and can be used by all my computers without doing a thing. As long as the computers AND the printer stay on the same network then they can all print. Most of my computers are Macs and I can use the "Location" feature to switch back and forth from my "internet DSL" location back to my "offline local" network. If you only have a USB printer then you could use the printer sharing feature on your computer and then it would work but you would always have to have that one computer on ALL the time. There are also USB servers that use an ethernet cable to connect to the network, you just plug the USB cable from the printer into the server and then it is plugged into the computer, ethernet switch, router, etc.

How is a G-Wireless Router and N-wireless Router the same?

They both allow computers to connect without using wires. They use the same frequency.

Which hardware a hub or router only lets you connect computers together on the same network?


How do you hook two computers to one modem?

You hook two computers to one modem by getting a router. Then you hook the router to the modem and you hook each computer to the router. You can also run your printer from the router. If your computer has bluetooth or wireless, modern routers can communicate with your computer or printer in a different room.

How do wifi printers work?

Wifi printers connect to the wireless network in your home (your wireless router) in order to allow for printing without physically plugging your printer into you computer. Information is sent from the computer to your router to the printer which means that you can print from anywere in your house to a single stationary printer wirelessly.

How do you set up a local area network between two computers without a router?

A router is not required to connect two computers to each other on the same local area network. You could use a hub, or switch to do that.