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There is an article at TechLore that can instruct you on how to connect your computer to your TV. The article link is here: <A href=""></A>

: Most tv's now have a connection to a traditional monitor vable except the cable has to have the pins on both ends.

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How you can watch cable connection television using monitor without CPU?

Get a monitor with an HDMI or analog input and connect it to a cable TV tuner.

How do you connect CPU to Television?

using a adaptor that can fit into the TV and CPU

How do you connect a PSP to the internet without using a LAN security setting?

Connect using Wi-fi instead.

How do you connect the VCR to the back of the Television?

There are two ways to do this: # Using a coaxial cable, connect the TV and the VCR together. # Using RCA jacks and cables, connect the cables between the two. Both scenarios allow taping and playback.

How can you connect a Nexus 7 to a TV?

To connect a nexus 7 to a TV you need a slimport in order to connect it to an HDMI cable

How do I get my laptop to show on my TV?

Connect it to the TV by using an VGA or HDMI connector

How can you connect your macbook to your tv?

Connect your Macbook with a HDMI TV using the right DisplayPort HDMI Adapter. hdmiguru.hubpages. com/hub/connect-Macbook-to-TV-HDMI Remove the space in the address and copy - Paste into browser.

Can you connect a VCR to a television set using a biaxial cable?


How do you get your psp to connect to the computer without using a usb cable?

There is no way to get your PSP to connect to the computer without using a USB cable. You must use a USB to get one to port to the other.

How can one connect their PC to the TV?

An individual can connect their PC to a television by using a HDMI Cable. These cables are specifically designed to enhance sound and picture quality.

Can you connect to the internet if your iPod is connected to your PC without using wi-fi?

I'm preety sure no, are you using a App to connect it?

How do you connect up you PS3 to your tv without using HDMI?

You have to at least use the HDMI plug on the PS3, then you either use the cable provided or purchase an HDMI AV cable for the HDTV connections on your TV

How can one connect a laptop to a TV?

One can connect a laptop to a TV by using an HDMI cord that plugs directly from the laptop to the TV via the laptop's USB drive and the TV's HDMI port.

How do you set up surround sound on a LG smart TV?

If you are using the TV's own tuner, connect the digital audio output of the TV to the digital input of the surround receiver. If you are using an external (cable or sattelite) tuner, connect an HDMI cable from the tuner to the receiver, and then connect the HDMI output from the receiver to the TV.

How do i connect my lg tv to a sony home theatre system plus sky hd box using HDMI leads?

To connect an LG television to a Sony Home Theatre system plus Sky HD box using HDMI leads, locate the areas on the back of the television that use HDMI cords. Connect the home theatre system to the television, then connect the main box of the home theatre system to the Sky HD using the HDMI leads.

Is it possible to connect more then 2 pc's without using switch?

no bt u can connect it very easily using 4 port switch

How do you connect cctv camera to a cable television?

If you are connecting cctv to TV,simply connect feed from camera directly to tv using BNC,RCA,yellow Video cable or if you're connecting cctv to VCR connect in same manner.hope this helps

How do you get the internet on to your psp using a PC?

The internet is already accessible on your psp it just needs a place to connect to. If you have a wireless hotspot without a password you can connect but if it needs a password then you need the password. I don't think you can connect without using a wireless connection.

How to connect iphine to internet without using wifi Message comes up phone cannot connect to Internet It works only with wifi?

The only way to connect to Internet without using WiFi is to have a data package with your cell phone provider.

Do you have to have an Apple TV to hook up your iPad to the TV?

No, you do not have to have an Apple TV to connect your iPad to the TV. The Apple TV adds convenience because you can display video from your iPad wirelessly on your TV by using the Apple TV. You can connect your iPad directly to your TV but you will need to buy an AV cable.

How can you join Facebook without using your name?

how can you join facebook without using your name? ^agreed. the whole point of facebook is to connect with your friends and stay in touch (although there are games on there to play etc). so, how can you connect with your friends without using your name. you have to join facebook with a name...

What are the benefits of using Wireless USB network adapters?

There are a few potential benefits in using a wireless USB network adapter. They allow one to connect to wireless networks on the move and connect using laptops that don't have built in wireless cards.

Can a wireless router work without a modem?

It depends on what you are using it for. I am using one with no modem to connect to my printer.

I have a television that is over ten years olf; will I be able to connect a new Panasonic VCR?

Yes, you can connect to an older television, simply by using the coaxial connections located on the back of both the unit, and the television. You will also require a coaxial cable to connect the two devices,

How do you tune a wii game consule into a tv?

Normally you connect it to the AV ports on the back of your TV using the included cables.