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no because he is the buffest and strongest wrestler in wwe like he defeated Cody Rhodes on monday night raw

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:45:23
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Q: How can you contact Batista?
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How do you contact Dave batista?

Dave Batista C/O WWE 1241 East Main Street Stamford, CT 06902

What is your phone number batista?

WikiAnswers will not provide personal contact information for celebrities and noncelebrities alike.

Is batista Latino?

Italian ---------------- Batista is not Italian. Batista is Philipino & Greek.

What nicknames does Adrian Batista go by?

Adrian Batista goes by Batista.

Where does batista come from the Philippines?

Batista isn't From the Phillipines. Batista is From Washington, DC.

Why batista bomb me?

Why not Batista Bomb you ?

Does Batista drink?

batista does not drink

Does batista have a brother?

No he does not. Batista has a sister named Donna. No he does not. Batista has a sister named Donna.

What it the origin of the surname 'Batista'?


Is Batista from Seattle?

No, Batista is from Washington, D.C.

Who is stronger Kurt anglevs batista?


How many batista bombs have batista did?


Who is Dave batista?

No GirlfriendDave Batista does not have a girlfriend.

Has Batista gave a Batista Bomb to the Big Show?

He has gave the Batista Bomb he gave it to Big Show he gave it to Big Show on Ecw when Batista had to face him.

Who is stronger batista or rey mysterio?

Batista is the strongest of course. Batista is stronger than Rey Mysterio.

Is batista ticklish?

Batista is ticklish on his feet and ribs.

Did Dave Batista die?

No, Dave Batista did not die.

Who's better batista or bobby lashley?


How did Rodrigo Batista die?

how did batista from wwe die

Did batista married?

Batista is divorced and currently single

How Dave batista become dead?

batista is not dead

Did batista give khali a batista bomb?

yes he did

Is Selina nava batista related to Dave batista?


Who would win Great Khali or Batista?

batista would win Batista would probs win, but Great Khali is a little bit stronger than batista, but i think batista would get the better of him bcos he has had more experiance.

Do batista can beat John cena?

in my opinion, batista can beat john cena! i <3 Batista , oh why did you leave!!! :'(