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How can you contact WWE Superstar Randy Orton?


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u can go to randy or tons website and write him a letter

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Randy Orton is a WWE Wrestling Superstar.

She is the wife of WWE Superstar Randy Orton

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No but she is the wife to Randy Orton

his name is actually Randy Orton but his full name is Randal Keith Orton

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Randy Orton got in through connections his dad had as a former wrestler Sorry but Bob Orton had nothing to do with Randy getting in the WWE that is not how WWE works. He got in because he trained hard and was offered a development contract.

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orton got suspended 2 times #1 orton took steroids and #2 he smoked a cigar at backstage

It is not known where Randy Orton gets his tattoos. Randy Orton has wrestled with the WWE since his debut in 2000.

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Randy Orton has won the WWE Championship, 8 Times.

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There are many Handsome wrestlers but i have to say its between: John Morrison Randy Orton and Triple H

Randy Orton is not dead. He is alive and in the smackdown brand d wwe

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