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Spirits are those who have passed on to the Spirit World. We ourselves cannot contact them and they cannot contact us unless God gives them a special message for us. They will deliver their message but will not stay to chat.

One may ask God to let you know if they are alright and the answer may come in a dream. But there is no one on one conversation held.

Answer 2:

Without going into the complex realm of dimensions those that have died merely inhabit a different dimension/reality. There is a possibility of communication but should only be breached with caution, knowledge and respect by those learned in this ability.

Answer 3:

There are some who are naturally gifted people who are capable of communing with those who have passed, these are called mediums. You can pay for some, but usually if they are pretty sincere they will help free of charge.

You can also contact spirits through EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena which is where a spirits voice is captured on a voice recorder and there is no explanation as to where the audio came from. You can check different ghost hunting groups for more information on this.

Yet another possibility to consider is going into trance. When you go into a trance like state, or level of deep meditation, you open your mind and body to receive messages whether from the Divine (if you believe in such) or spirits. This of course is one of many methods, but experimenting with different ways can help you find your happy medium at some point.

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How do you contact evil spirits?

Ouija boards. I wouldn't do it!

Is there a way to contact spirits?

There is a way. You have to have a voice recorder and ask the spirits questions and see if you caught any activity (you have to have an improved recorder).

What are people who speak to spirits called?

I think the term you are looking for is "mediums". Mediums Contact Spirits Using Their Physic Energy Of The Paranormal.

How do the Navajo contact their spirits?

They don't. Big taboo, unless your a witch.

Does the ouija really work?

Apparently, some people have come in contact with spirits.

What history of event does Halloween relate to?

All hallows eve, which is the day when spirits are free to roam the earth...pagans follow this holiday to find the spirits and contact the dead

Can mediums be friends with ghosts?

Yes, they have their guides which they are freinds with and then guides can help contact with other spirits

What is it called when you sit in a circle and contact spirits?

I'm pretty sure that's called a "seance".

In The Crucible why did Mrs Putnam send Ruth to Tituba?

she sent her to contact the spirits of her dead children

Can the ouija board hurt is?

Ouija boards are dangerous, because they can get one in contact with evil spirits.

Why do ghost contact you?

ghosts contact humans because they want to see what a living soul does. some angry spirits come to humans to abuse them just because they are dead and you are not. restless spirits come to humans for partial help or direction to why it died, how to get to heaven, etc. most spirits are different from themselves, yet most claim to be angry and restless spirits both at the same time. this means that they either call to you so that they can physically harm you, or they physically harm you to get attention so that you can help them. either way, these are all why ghosts contact humans.

Why doesnt a ghost from an ouija board leave you alone?

Ouija boards get the player in contact with evil spirits. That is why.

What is camphore?

u can either have an oil, ball or gaseous farm of it. You ca use it to contact spirits and ghosts.

What is the concept of psychic circle about?

The psychic circle is a board used to contact spirits, a little like a Ouija board. It is imbued with certain types of "Protection" against the spirits, and is used by mediums and fortune tellers alike.

What are the mediums?

medium isn't a thing it is a word given to a person believed to have contact or supernatural powers over the dead and spirits

Does the oiji board really contact spirits?

Well, it's a matter of opinion. Many people can explain away the anomalies that sometimes happen with a Ouija board away, but then some people, who believe in spirits and such believe it works. So, i guess what I'm saying, is if you believe that using a Ouija board will contact spirits, then yes, yes it does work. as I said it's a matter of opinion. but always be careful when using tools like this.

Is the activity on ghost adventures real?

Yes, its all real However, they aren't really making contact with spirits of deceased persons. The dead cannot communicate with the living. However, demons can and will imitate spirits of the dead to try to fool people into thinking that they are communicating with the spirit of a deceased person when, in fact, they are actually communicating with a demon. Yes, they are making contact. The comments above are some of many theories as to what these beings are. Some believe they are malevolent spirits, while others believe they are human spirits. I believe there are both.

What religion is the yanomami tribe?

Anamism. This is the belief that every plant, animal, and inanimate object has a soul or spirit. They have shamans to contact these spirits.

Can Ouija board contact other lives?

Yes, it's just made for contact with spirits. WARNING: Don't mess up with the Ouija-board, because the devil can take your live/body over!

What is the formula for Methylated spirits?

meth + ylate +d - spirits but divide by ts +spiri=methylated spirits meth + ylate +d - spirits but divide by ts +spiri=methylated spirits meth + ylate +d - spirits but divide by ts +spiri=methylated spirits

Can spirits get you?

Spectral spirits? No, they do not exist. Alcoholic spirits are a more likely danger.

Is it safe to play a ouija board outside?

No, it is not safe to play a ouija board inside or outside, because it can get a person in contact with evil spirits.

How do you invoke good spirits?

The Holy Spirit is the only spirit you should ever contact and have a relationship with. The scriptures warn us about "invoking" any spirits of any form. Why? Because the bad spirits can deceive you into believing they are good spirits. So it is crucial you only pay attention to God's spirit and let Him deal with the angels and demons. He is in charge so why would we seek spirits under His control anyway? He can care for us better than any angel or demon spirit could do any day or minute.

Is it dangerous to use Ouija board as an attempt to communicate with the dead?

If Parker Brothers can create and produce a board that can communicate with spirits, why can't they do anything and Everything, A Ouija board is just a game it can't really contact spirits or anything, Sorry to say.

What is the difference between standard spirits and premium spirits?

Premium spirits are more expensive.