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You can try iOrgSoft BlackBerry Video Converter.

It supports the converting between WMV MP4 AVI MOV 3GP VOB MPEG MPA AAC AMR MP3 RM MKV RMVB FLV AC3 M4A etc.

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Q: How can you convert a PowerPoint presentation to another format so that you can watch it as a video clip in your media player?
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How do you make a PowerPoint video?

Make a PowerPoint presentation, and then convert your presentation to video format with a PowerPoint to video converter.

How do you package PowerPoint and make it play on generic DVD player?

PowerPoint has an option to package your PowerPoint presentation to CD that can be played on any computers. But the CD cannot be played on DVD players that can only play DVD movies. You need to convert PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Try Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, it enables you to convert all PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Thus you can play the PowerPoint presentation on TV. It will retain every elements in the presentation and convert them to DVD video format.

How do you convert ppt to IEEE format?

how to convert powerpoint to ieee format

How do you convert PowerPoint to DVD so that you can watch it on tv?

For easy distributing sake, sometimes, we must convert PowerPoint presentations to normal DVD video format so that you can play them on TV. You can try Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. It can help you convert ppt presentation to DVD format, enables you to watch the presentation on TV. It also enables you to record voice as the narrations and instructions for the outputs. With it, you can deliver a great presentation. And you don't even have to be there. You just need to import the PowerPoint file into this programme and it will convert it automatically.

How do you put a PowerPoint in APA format?

To put a PowerPoint in APA format, cite in text per the APA rules in the text of the PowerPoint and include a References page at the end of the PowerPoint presentation.

How do you give a background in PowerPoint presentation?

right click then format background

How can you Change a PowerPoint extension so it can be uploaded onto Youtube The current extension is .pptx?

It's not about extensions, in order to upload your presentation you have to convert the presentation into a video format. You could use some tools to do so.

How do you convert PowerPoint to mpeg4?

Though PowerPoint 2010 allows users to save powerpoint as video, only the .wmv format is limited. To convert powerpoint to mpeg4, you need a third-party tool.

Document format determines the color scheme font set and layout of a presentation.?

does each document format determines the color scheme, font set, and layout of a presentation in powerpoint

Which format does PowerPoint save a presentation so that others can view it on website?

Power point saves its presentation as PPT format. This can be opened in any other power point with the same version.

How do you make a YouTube video with PowerPoint?

YouTube doesn't accept the PowerPoint format directly. So you can convert PowerPoint to video and upload PowerPoint to YouTube. You can use a third tool Wondershare PPT2Video. It is a professional converter for converting PowerPoint to video. A presentation with all elements such as animations etc. can be retained to video file. Hope it helps!

What does slide mean?

A master slide is the first slide of a Powerpoint presentation. The master slide is usually a title slide that dictates the format of the rest of the presentation.

What are some Benefits and drawbacks for creating a PowerPoint presentation versus a PDF presentation?

This is an interesting question. Indeed, I will always start off by creating a PowerPoint rather than a PDF file. You can always convert a PowerPoint file into the PDF format but not the other way around. This will give you more flexibility to change your content in PowerPoint than creating a PDF file in programs like Adobe Illustrator. And, a PowerPoint presentation simply works well for public speaking. You can easily go slide by slide and explain point by point. You can always easily insert movie clips and add animation to make your presentation more interactive. Thus, PowerPoint is clearly the better starting one if your final goal is to do a presentation.

Which format does PowerPoint allows you to save presentation in so thet you can be able to view it on a website?

You use the "Save As Webpage" format to allow it to be viewed on a website.

What does master slide mean?

A master slide is the first slide of a Powerpoint presentation. The master slide is usually a title slide that dictates the format of the rest of the presentation.

How do you convert PowerPoint presentation to video format?

In PowerPoint 2010, you can now save your presentation as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file. But, it can only output 960×720, 640×480 and 320×240 .wmv videos. And the audios and videos embedded will disappear.If you wanna high quality and more types of vidoe formats, please refer to the methods on the article Convert PowerPoint 2010 Presentations to Video, More Than WMV below.

Why do we need to know and use MS PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentation has become a standard format for audio-visual presentations, the slide shows are used to communicate the ideas that you want to speak about. In spite of it importance, sometimes we don't have enough time to make a good PowerPoint presentation, that really can help us

How do you change Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 into Microsoft PowerPoint 2003?

To ensure that you can open your Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation (.pptx) in an earlier version of PowerPoint, you can save a copy of it that is compatible with PowerPoint 97-2003. 1) In Office PowerPoint 2007, open the presentation that you want to save as a PowerPoint 97-2003 file. 2) Click the Microsoft Office Button, point to the arrow next to Save As, and then click PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation. The Save As dialog box appears. 3) In the File name box, enter a name for your presentation, or do nothing to accept the suggested file name. 4) In the Save in list, select the location that you want to save your presentation to, or do nothing to accept the suggested location. 5) Click Save. The file is saved as a PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (.ppt) file that you can open in PowerPoint 97 through 2003. Note: PowerPoint 97-2003 does not recognize the new SmartArt graphics and visual objects that are available in Office PowerPoint 2007, and will convert them to bitmaps to maintain their appearance. You cannot change certain aspects of bitmaps, such as line width, fill color, and other Office PowerPoint 2007 specific properties. To prevent SmartArt graphics, audio,video and objects in your presentation from being converted to bitmap Pictures, you'd better convert PowerPoint 2007 to another format,such as Flash(Flash can be viewed in every computer).With some great converting software,such as Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard(you can view it in related link bellow) for example, all things of PowerPoint 2007 will be saved in one Flash file,thus you can view it without any trouble.

How do you upload a pps file to

PowerPoint Presentation files must be converted to a YouTube accepted video format before uploading. Software like Author Stream is able to convert the PPT file into a MPEG4 video.

What are the advantages of planning PowerPoint presentation in outline format?

Visuals, multimedia, and other slide objects play important role within a presentation, but a proper outline is still the main skeleton on which the body of a presentation can be sustained.

How do you convert PowerPoint to DVD quality video in wmv format?

You can use the tool:Moyea PowerPoint to DVD Burner Pro,it can convert your PowerPoint to DVD and also to other video formats including .wmv. Download address can be found in Related links.

How do you import a powerpoint into iMovie?

First you need to convert the Powerpoint into video format, The most suitable formats to insert into PowerPoint are WMV. AVI, MPG. In order to do that you can use a video converter to turn your files to this format. Then you can use iMovie converter to make the powerpoint into the imovie. you can do this with a MKV to imovie converter.

How do you convert a PowerPoint handout to a word document?

Just copy the words in the power point and transfer it in a word format.

What are the different types of presentation software other than PowerPoint?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is excellent presentation software. Write your presentation using bullet points or English sentences or diagrams or whatever, then use Adobe's Next Page feature while giving your talk. You can also try Open Office's presentation software, Impress. It is very similar to Powerpoint, allowing you to save in PowerPoint format even. It is also free. Corel also has presentation software bundled with its WordPerfect Office software. The presentation software is entitled Presentations.

How do you change the background on PowerPoint?

Go to the format menu and pick Background. You can also right click on an open area of the presentation and get Background from the shortcut menu.