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How can you convert files to mp3 format?

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2010-08-24 12:11:35

You need to have any special audio files converting software to

convert audio files to mp3 format... For example I use a famous

software called AUDACITY to convert WAV format files to mp3

format.... You can download the latest version at for free... Open the file through

Audacity and go to File ---> Export... option..... Give

the appropriate details if you want and save it...

Your job is done!! :)

Or else, you might have the older version of Audacity which

would say it requires some kind of a dll file to convert a file to

mp3 format. That file is known as lame_enc.dll. The instructions to

download that file is at

This enables you to convert files to mp3 format with older

version of Audacity...

After downloading, locate the downloaded file when you want to


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