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Try soaking your hair in black coffee or tea. For about 15 minutes. They get a shower. You wont see effect until about a week. ( keep doing it every night.)

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How do you darken your hair?

With the use of dyes

How do you prevent greying of hair?

be healthyeat greens and try not to be overly stressed (relax)DON'T use hair dyes! it will damage your hair and make it grayer!!!good luck

How do you stop greying of hair?


Hair dyes without peroixde?

semi or demi haircolors

Does hair start greying at the roots or on the ends?

Hair starts greying from the end tip gradually goes down into the root. I have black hair and have observed this. I can not explain how this happens, but once the greying from the tip reaches the root, it becomes irreversibly grey, even when you cut the hair it grows out grey.

Want to darken hair is there any sprays that darken hair that are good?

You can darken your hair using the Black Ice spray, or the natural remedies such as herbs sage and rosemary.

How does hair darken or lighten throughout your life without dye?

cuz u grow

How do men feel about women with greying hair?


Can you cut your greying hair?

Yes you can cut your gray hair, but it will grow back gray.

How can i darken my hair without dye?

try Black Henna powder; available from health food shops.

What do you call Someone who dyes hair?

Hair stylist?

Why does then sun lighten your hair but darken skin?

UV rays transfer energy into the dead particles into your hair, lightening it, and since your skin isn't dead, it will darken it.

What acid dye is better for human hair?

You can use natural ingredients - Lemon Juice - to lighten Coffee - to darken Tea - darken if you got light hair / lighten if you got dark hair.

Are there hair dyes that are not chemical but natural?

You can use vegetable dyes to color hair naturally. All of the bright pinks, oranges, greens, blues, purples, reds, etc. that you see people dye their hair are all natural vegetable dyes. Vegetable dyes deposit color on top of, but do not alter the natural color of your hair. You can only darken your hair or change the tone of your hair with vegetable dyes, you can not lighten your hair this way. The "punk" colors are made by brands such as Manic Panic and Special Effects. If you are going for a more natural color, there are a few options. Henna is a red/orange pigment, cassia is a beige/blonde pigment, and indigo is a blue/black pigment. The three can be mixed in different quantities to create a number of very natural looking colors. If you choose to use henna, cassia, or indigo, please be careful. I suggest visiting for more information, pictures, and for where to buy good henna products. There are a lot of "henna" dyes out there that contain chemical dyes as well as henna, and are not very good for hair. I wish you luck!

How do you lighten your hair?

There are many ways to lighten your hair such as hair dyes or hair bleachers.

What are metallic hair dyes?


What is the usage of hair dyes?

because it make hair dry

How can you lighten your hair naturally?

To lighten your hair naturally without the use of harmful dyes, you can go out in the sun more. You can also try using lemon juice.

How do you darken hair with out dye?

I have 4 ways to darken your hair naturally, all the items you should have in your pantry and fridge, if not your local supermarket will!InstructionsMix equal parts cocoa with shampoo and wash hair as usual. This will help to deepen your brown hair color with natural hair coloring at home.Use vinegar and soy sauce to darken hair without dye. Use half a cup of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of soy sauce as a final rinse after shampooing. The scent of this natural hair coloring concoction fades as hair dries. so you will not be able to smell anything once your hair has driedOnce a week, use coffee to darken hair without dye. Mix a cup of "leave-on" hair conditioner or plain yogurt with a tablespoon of ground coffee and a half cup of strong brewed coffee (cold). Saturate hair with it, cover with a shower cap and wash out after about an hour.These steps are for brunettes only, but if you have blonde hair you can use these steps but use smaller amounts of cocoa and coffee and soy sauce. if your have red hair you can darken hair you can use a strawberry flavoured tea or any red tea

How do you darken your natural auburn hair color?

babe, it's called hair dye

Does thyroxine affect hair dyes?

No, there is not data supporting thyroxine to affect hair dyes. Thyroxine is a thyroid hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

Do zombies have green hair?

Depends. If a zombie dyes its hair green, then the hair will be green.

Is Eminem blond?

No. Originally, his hair color was brown - he dyes his hair.

Who is that singer that has short hair and often dyes her hair red?


Does pubic hair turn grey before the hair on your head?

No, pubic hair stay black for a very long time. They remain black even after you start greying.

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