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How can you deal with a mistake?

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Its very hard to deal with a mistake .. trust me . it depends on how bad the mistake is . the worst the mistake is the harder it is to fix .

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If it was an honest mistake, you just do it. No big deal.

If the deal has been approved by a lender and you have signed paperwork and then driven the veicle off the lot they can not unwind the deal. Their mistake they have to eat it if you are delivered in the vehicle. Unless you signed something giving them recourse (usually dealers have forms for salvage title vehicles that allow them to unwind the deal if they discover salvage/branded title)If they just misbooked the trade and made the mistake it's their problem. As long as you didn't misrepresent the trade you should be fine.

I am a mistake is not an example of a metaphor; I am a mistake means I am the product of a mistake.

It means you are the son of someone who regrets having you. Someone made a mistake when you were born and now they have to deal with it. I think its a figure of speech.

A mistake is an abstract noun; to mistake something is a verb.

In business or in academics, there is no excuse for a mistake. A letter can be written to acknowledge a mistake, to report a mistake, to apologize for a mistake, to correct a mistake. That letter can include reasons that the mistake was made and should include steps that have been taken to ensure the mistake is not repeated. It is unprofessional to make excuses for mistakes.

The Latin word for mistake is error

"Mistake" is a noun.

That was not a mistake!

You look at the mistake and think how you can avoid doing that mistake In other words, don't repeat the same mistake.

"Mistake" in English is sbaglio in Italian.

Single mistake kills many. This is one of many examples for sentence use.

I don't want to "mistake" your kindness for weakness. If you "mistake"my intention,you are making a mistake. You must have "mistaken" me for someone else.

Error is a synonym of mistake.

error, wrong action or statement

was the first telephone a mistake.

mistake = ta'ut (טעות)

mistake = galat = غلط

Erin hunter made a mistake on rownclaw. when they realized that they made a mistake, they kept the mistake.

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