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Giant pandas are large (about 2.5 ft. tall and 300 pounds) bears with a black and white coat and characteristic black fur around their eyes, native to parts of China. They have a relatively long tail at up to 6 inches in length, as well as a "thumb" which helps it eat bamboo. Its diet mostly consists of bamboo. It is a fairly solitaire animal, limiting social interactions and not traveling together. Currently, it is considered endangered with only a few thousand in the wild.

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Describe the ecosystem for a panda bear?

First of all a panda lived in a bamboo forest

How do you describe how a red panda looks?

what kind of animal does a red panda look like

How do you describe the giant panda bear?

furry big

What are some words that describe China?

Panda housers

What are 2 adjectives that describe a panda?


What are 3 adjectives to describe a panda?

Lazy Hungry Furry

What are some adjectives that describe a panda and begin with the letter P?


What are verbs that describe panda bears?

eating sleeping hugging slacking lazying?

What words would you use to describe a panda?

huge, gentle, friendly, cuddly, and strong

How can you describe the home of a panda?

Pandas normally live where there is a lot of bamboo and a lot of trees to climb.

Who would win a fight Fox from Skunk Fu or Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda describe the fight?

Kung Fu Panda would win the Fight, definetly!

How do you describe a panda bear?

a panda bear is a cute bear that lives in china. it is black with white spots on it and it eats bamboo sticks, because they grow faster than normal trees

Describe how a giant panda looks and acts?

it looks like a huge hug-gable teddy bear !

What words can describe a red panda?

Ostentatious, limber, agile, lethargic, prehensile, rudimentary, basic, etc.

How would you describe Zack Shipley?

1. Has a vagina 2. Is a panda 3. Alienates people 4. Virgin

Which mammal is also called catbear?

Most dictionaries describe catbear as a panda - like mammal or similar to a raccoon.

What adjective would best describe you?

CuteFunnyRidiculous...believe it or notPanda HunsThat's how I'm like.

Describe the panda starting with an p?

IT could be many things: pleasant,pretty,pink,purple, personable.....etc.

How do you say gaint panda in french?

giant panda - panda géant? huge panda - panda énorme large panda - grand panda

What is a name for a female giant panda a male giant panda and a baby giant panda?

female giant panda=female giant panda male giant panda=male giant panda baby giant panda=baby giant panda x

How would you describe the Giant Panda?

The Giant Panda weighs between 165-353 pounds and is between four to five feet tall. The giant pandas original habitat is in central China and the Gansu provinces.

What would be a good description of Venus?

A good way to describe Venus is like a sheep, it is fluffy but has a lot of panda predators

Is the red panda the smallest panda?

Yes. The red panda is the smallest panda.

How many panda species is there?

There are two species of panda - the giant panda and the red panda.

Why is the red panda called a panda even though its not a panda?

idk, why is the panda bear called a panda bear it it's not a bear? The person who first saw 'red panda' thought it looked liked a panda and therefore called it a panda!

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