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How can you determine the amount of water in a pool?


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2015-07-15 20:41:58
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If the pool is rectangular in shape then the formula is:

length X width x average depth x 7.5.

If the pool is circular then the formula is:

3.14 x 3.14 x pool radius (1/2 pool diameter) x average depth x 7.5.

If the pool has a shape other than these then it is a little more difficult.

For round pools you want the area of the circle x the height, or 3.14 x radius x radius x height, then convert feet to gallons by x 7.5.

A 24 foot by 4 feet deep pool holds 13,564 gallons.


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Dilution is the only way to reduce the salt level in your pool. The pool should be tested to determine the current level of salt. The amount of gallons the pool holds and the desired salt level will help you determine how much water needs to be drained out of the pool to allow the addition of fresh water to complete the dilution process.

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You need to test the water to determine & amount dependent upon capacity.

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It temporarily puts a maximum amount of chlorine in the water of the pool

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If you have a "chlorine generator" that requires salt in the water, ALWAYS refer to the manufacturers recommendations for the proper amount.

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You get a salt water chlorinator installed and add the correct amount of salt to the pool advice is available on this from your local pool shop.

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