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rosacea is a constent thing , unlike alergies that come and go. rosacea is a hormone issue and is usully not caused by anything but sun and heat.

Rosacea can look like Allergies, but there is a fairly specific group of causes. Causes include heat, spicy food, alcohol, sexual excitement, exposure to cold air, exposure to dry air or windy weather on a bare face. Normally, Rosacea is seen as flushing on the cheeks, nose and/or chin. For me, I can sometimes get what looks like hives on my face that is caused by the rosacea -- I can usually tell it's rosacea because the red bumps are pusless. Since I seem to have facial "allergic dermatitis" as well, I'm not always certain what causes the hives. I do know that if I drink alcohol, I usually get flushed and sometimes very hot in my face -- that is rosacea, not an allergy. Consult a dermatologist, I use a topical antibiotic called Metrogel that usually will alleviate the rosacea symptoms. I also use another topical cream for the allergies.

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Q: How can you distinguish rosacea from allergies?
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Can allergies cause facial flushing and a warm sensation in the cheeks?

I don't know whether allergies could cause it, but rosacea can. It's aggravated by heat, hot liquids, spicy foods & (of course) STRESS! You need to see a dermatologist to find out what you have. Rosacea is treatable (but not curable). I have it & it just pops up from time to time.

Can you get Rosacea at age thirteen?

Does rosacea get better with age

When was Drillia rosacea created?

Drillia rosacea was created in 1845.

When was Mitra rosacea created?

Mitra rosacea was created in 1845.

When was Paranerita rosacea created?

Paranerita rosacea was created in 1909.

Can people die of rosacea?

Although rosacea is not life threatening, rosacea tends to worse and can become disfiguring if left untreated. Signs that rosacea is worsening are redness, pimples, and/or thickening skin.

What is rosacea similar to?

The similarity in appearance of rosacea to acne led people in the past to erroneously call the disease acne rosacea or adult acne.

Where can i find out more information about rosacea?

If you think you have rosacea, I suggest seeing you doctor and/or a dermatologist. They will be able to diagnose you and if you do have rosacea, give you a treatment plan.

Is sulphur good for rosacea?

Sulphur is an old and very effective treatment for rosacea

Can lupus cause rosacea?

Lupus and rosacea are not the same thing. A dermatologist would need to do a biopsy to determine if redness and inflammation are caused by lupus or rosacea. It is possible for a lupus rash to look lmuch like rosacea.

What are the sypmtoms of rosacea?

The most common symptom of rosacea is flushed skin or redness of the skin. If you think you may have rosacea, I suggest seeing your doctor or a dermatologist.

What is usually prescribed for rosacea?

Topical ointments are usually prescribed for rosacea. Oral antibiotics and Isotretinoin may also be used depending on the severity and location of the rosacea.

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