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Inside the vagina it can be rinsed out, but once it enters the uterus it requires techniques that are not safe and are not available to the public.

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No, you won't feel anything other than possible extacy!!!!!!

well only if you mix it with semen.....lots of semen, semen has certain chemicals in it that have been proven to completely get rid of acne in a matter of days. You can use your own semen or have a friends ejaculate onto your face, whichever one is easier for you

If the sperm are inside you, and you say you want to 'get rid' of them, I would suggest masturbating into the toilet. If the sperm are outside you, mop up the semen with a tissue and flush it or put it in the bin. It's that simple.

If your semen is infected with HIV, then you already have HIV. If your semen is not infected with HIV, then anything you do with your own semen will not cause HIV.

There is a possibility Im sure. Semen travels through liquid so enough of it and I dont see why not

Only a haircut will get rid of hair contaminated by anything.

Nothing at all other than a mess inside you. Semen will not harm your fetus or uterus.

Semen, outside of the body, cannot survive for very long. The semen inside your body does not "go bad".

If his semen got inside you could be pregnant

because the germs inside you are biting you to get rid of this all you have to do is rub body cream on you

Semen does not do anything to the skin at all. However if the semen has an STD like HIV then if it gets in sores the person will get HIV as well.

No, it needs to get inside your vagina.

kill semen inside vacuoles.

Sperm can swim, so if he rubbed his penis on your vagina, or anything that has come in contact with semen, it is possible for them to get inside your vagina and for you to become pregnant.

Apart from the ability to make women pregnant, semen doesn't do anything for your metabolism.

Drink pineapple juice and/or become a vegetarian

Yes. Air will not kill the sperm instantly. The semen keeps the sperm fresh ready to be released inside the vagina. The semen needs to dry out before the sperm dies out in the open.

Well a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina. And he comes inside of it, that white fluid contains semen. Semen gets a woman pregnate.

Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.