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you can but not for the wii or ps2 versions

you have to use a computer to do it

Im not sure but i think if you put your ps2 on the internet then go on the guitar hero site or rob people...idk why

YES You can First: you need to upload your guitar hero settings on the compuer. Second: You can get the music from your computer and put it in the settings and save it Third: You will find the song in bonus songs how do I put the songs on my guitar hero 3 game? for PS2

yes you can you take a portable disk drive and plug into computer then download the songs you want then plug into the front and/or back of ps2 and then the songs will be inputed from there into your playstation 2 ive tried this and it worked i downloaded many songs from it

there is . i,ve played gh2. there is custom songs.

If you mean downloading songs, then no. GHWT for ps2 has no online feature.

yeah, if the guitar from guitar hero IS for ps2 lol. {:

I don't have the PS2, but I could. i can do most of them on the guitar but all of them on the controller

You can download songs onto your PS2 by using the ubs cord(or ups i really don't know the name) and pluging it into the front of your PS2 where the small blue square is with the three outlets. Then plug the cord into your laptop and or computer where the ubs(ups?) outlet is and download the songs. You can download the songs from your itunes on your computer or you can find a website that lets you downoad the songs. I did this using my itunes.

There 12 are including: Guitar Hero (PS2) Guitar Hero II (PS2,XBOX 360) Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (PS2) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades (DS) Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Modern Hits (DS) Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii)

You could create your own songs, or you may be able to download songs and do the complex converting thing using a specialist program. Basically you can, but the process is long and complex if you have no idea what you are doing.

No, unless your a hacker, you cannot. Guitar Hero II only has Downloadable songs from Guitar Hero (1), & it is only for the 360. The PS2 is unable to download, well DLC, at least for Guitar Hero. If you do have Guitar Hero III for the PS3 or 360, the theme is downloadable off the store (I have a Wii, Version, don't ask me), and I beliveve it is FREE!

yes you can,on guitar hero they make modiffied songs

yes there is going to be a guitar hero 4 for ps2

guitar hero pasaway cheat ps2

yes, all of the guitar hero controllers are compatible within the same console. For example any guitar hero controller made for ps2 will work on any guitar hero game on ps2.

No, it is not possible. Downloadable Content was never supported for the PlayStation 2, and never will be. If you want to play Downloadable Content for Guitar Hero III, buy an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3.

There may be songs that can be added and also considered to be christian rock but there is not a Guitar Hero game like that for any system

On the PS3 Guitar Hero it has better graphics and it has online play whereas the PS2 doesn't.

You must purchase the game disc for a legal copy

You can use any guitar hero guitar with any guitar hero.

i think you can only do it on xbox 360 or PS3 but i wouldn't really know i have it for wii, DS and ps2

Guitar Hero 4 PS2 version surely will, others will not work.

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