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How can you dress like a girl?

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dresses, skirts, capri's,jeans, wearing makeup, high heeled shoes and boots (anything in the womens or juniors dept)

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Why is it okay for a girl to dress like boy but not okay for a boy to dress like a girl?

its society

Why does your son dress like a girl?

well she lets her son dress like a girl becaue she wanted a girl or the boy is just gay.

You are a boy but you like too dress like a girl?

You are a tom girl.

Should i dress as a girl at the age of 17?

yes if you are a girl you should dress like one

Can a boy dress like a girl on Halloween?

sure they can if they really want to dress up like a girl on Halloween night, if you will let your son he will. My son wants to dress up like a girl for Halloween so i will let him do it

How do you get a TomBoy to like you?

Dress up like a girl.

How do you dress Vegas?

if your a guy dress like a G if your a girl drees like pam Anderson

Should you let your son dress up like a girl for a family trip?

no you should not let him dress up like a girl anyway

Boy dress like girl?

Don't do it.

Are you a bysexual if you like girls and boys?

Bisexual means you like your own sex and the opposite sex So if you are a girl but you like girls and boys you are bisexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls you are also bisexual If you are a boy and like boy's then you are gay If you are a girl and like girls you are a Lesbian if you are a girl and like a boy then you are straight if you are a boy and like a girl you are straight too. If you are a girl and like boys and girls and cross dress (dress as a boy) you are Transexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls and if you also cross dress (dress as a girl) then you are Transexual

How can you make use of snakes' skin?

you can make it into a dress like i did you will like it if you are a girl make it into a dress

How do you do a girl costume?

Just ask a girl to help you. Tell her you want to dress up like a girl and she'll have you in a pretty dress and makeup in no time.

What to do if dog is depressed because of a girl dog?

Dress like a girl dog and get your dog to like you

What should you do if you are a man but you want to dress like a girl?

Then you dress like a girl. If you want to do it, then do it. There's nothing wrong in doing what you want, within reason, and the law.

Do girls like boys who like to dress like a girl occasionally?

I know I do.

What do you call a boy that dress like a girl?


How do you get yourself to look like a girl?

Put on a dress.

How do you get your friend dress you like a girl?

You should ask her.

How a dy boy dress as a girl and should he?

A boy can dress like a girl by wearing clothing a girl would wear, such as a skirt and blouse, dress, pants or jeans and a shirt that girls would wear, etc.

What should you wear to make a guy like you?

Just look like a girl & dress like a girl. They'll find you.

How do you do get a guy to love a girl?

just dress like a normal girl and act like hes not even there. he will eventually fall for the girl.

Does sam from icarly looks pretty when they dress her up like a girl?

yes she is a girl

What did girl pilgrims wear?

a dress like garment and also like a robe

How do you dress like a girl for Halloween?

You could be a character/princess,

Where can you get a coral graduation dress?

they have websites like graduation girl.