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It is impossible to totally eliminate bias, since it is to a certain extent built in to our language and patterns of thought. However, by examining those preconceptions and being aware of them, we can minimize bias.

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Is direct observation the surest way to eliminate bias in research?


Why do you take out the lowest and highest scores in gymnastics competitions?

To eliminate possible bias

What is the definition of systematic observation?

setting up our study so that we eliminate or reduce bias

The goal of using replication control randomization and blindness in experimental design is to compeletey eliminate bias from an experiment?


How might you use the various methods for producing ideas to eliminate the bias from the original article and still present a factual and persuasive case?

You can use brainstorming to do this. Extract out the good ideas, leaving out the bias, and then rewrite the essay.

Identify four strategies that help eliminate bias and discrimination within the workplace?

Stop cheating and read your aged care book

What are the 4 principles essentials to properly designed experimental studies?

. Randomization.... eliminate bias . Replication . Blocking ( Local control).... reduces variability

How would scientists solve murder crimes?

In much the same way good detectives do; a scientific method based on evidence and trying to eliminate bias.

What is advantage of eliminating bias in experiments?

You always want to eliminate all biases in an experiment. Biases may create discrepancies in data, and you always want to be as accurate as possible.

Why do scientists try to eliminate bias in their experiments?

That is because they need the evidence to speak for itself. If there is any chance their own bias gets into the experiments, their experiments may be discredited. You don't want to spend lots of money on costly research, only for nobody to take your study seriously.

What is the definition of anti-bias?


What are examples of bias?

Well bias is a preference that interferes with impartial judgement.Examples:Bias through use of namesBias through selection and omissionBias through placementBias by headlineBias by photo's

What are the limitations of the fossil records?

Habitat Bias, Taxonomic Bias, Temporal Bias, and Abundance Bias

What are the different types of biasing?

Fixed Bias,Self Bias, Forward Bias, Reverse Bias

A bias is a what?

a bias is a(n)

What bias is called self bias?

What? Bias is a one sided opinion

Difference between forward bias and reverse bias?

A: Forward bias is a scheme to bias a device so that it will conduct riding this bias voltage. a reverse bias is a voltage to keep a circuit off or not conducting.

Differences between forward bias and reverse bias?

foeward bias has a +ive charge ,and reverse bias has -ive charge,,,,,,

What is a synonym for experimental bias?

An experimental bias is a bias introduces by scientists or experimenters

What does the word 'bias' mean?

'Bias' Means 'Unfair' In The English Term.

Why an open ttl gate behaves as a logic high input?

because TTL have a bias input setup to eliminate noise therefore the output will follow the logic one input if left open

Is bias always negative?

Not necessarily. Bias is just an opinion. Therefore, you can have a good bias (I believe that this is amazing), but you can also have negative bias (Myspace sucks!) In electronics, bias can be either negative or positive.

What is non-bias?

pure fact

What part of speech is bias?

"bias" is a noun.

Which stability is greater between self bias and fixed bias?

of course stability of self bias circuit is much greater than fixed bias circuit