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How can you eliminate idle hesitation on a 1986 BMW 535i?


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Hesitation fixRemove air inlet hose from air filter housing to MAF sensor. Spray carb cleaner into MAF sensor (with car off) and work flap slowly and wipe inside of MAF sensor with lint free cloth. Also check hose at MAF sensor for cracks.

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Bad idle, hesitation on acceleration, DEcreased performance and gas mileage.

Poor performance, hesitation and rough idle could be signs of worn out spark plugs.

Poor performance, poor fuel mileage, hesitation, rough idle,

Was there any recent work done to the car? When did the idle problem start? Does the idle get worst when you turn on the AC? Answer these questions and then I may help.

There are a couple of reasons why a 1986 Isuzu will not idle. One reason could be the oxygen sensor and another reason could be in the fuel system.

Doubtful. Bad spark plugs would give you a rough idle, hesitation and poor performance. And they may also give you a P0300 code for random misfire.

Just changed plugs on my 1999 aurora and the gap was .05. It stopped a hesitation at idle too!

The idle for a 1986 Honda Accord is adjusted by a idle air control valve. These function by either tightening or loosening the valve. This controls how much air is allowed into the system, more air means higher idle and less means lower.

If your engine has a carburettor turn the idle adjust screw so the idle is at the proper speed. If your engine has fuel injection the ECM controls the idle.

A bad IAC (Idle air control valve) or a vacuum leak or both.

1.rough idle 2.hesitation when accelerating 3.wrong fuel/air mixture 4. high fuel compsumption

Hesitation. Stumble. Backfire. Flooding. Hard cold start. Hard warm start. Poor idle. Poor mpg. Smell of fuel.

If a 1988 Trans AM GTA hesitates at ideal, check the timing belt. If the timing belt is off, the car will hesitate and die.

engine idleing to slow turn up your idle to 1500 rpm at idle drive safe

It is mounted near the throttle body to control the air flow past the closed throttle blade at idle.

That vehicle is throttle body fuel injected, there is no choke or idle adjustments. You have other issues such as a large vacuum leak causing your idle problem.

Biggest problem I can think of is if they somehow make it past your air filter and get back to your throttle body. May cause rough idle, low idle, hesitation, etc. I would think it would take a lot of leaves to really cause a problem, though.

There is no idle adjustment. The idle is controlled by the ECM. You may have vacuum leaks causing incorrect idle speed. The gasket between the throttle body and the intake manifold was known to blow out and cause a vacuum leak.

No It may cause engine idle and hesitation problems but not smoking. If you are not experiencing oil consumption problems check the head gasket. Lastly a turbo unit that is Twenty-Three years old may also be due for replacement/rebuild. J

Hey Jonathan==It varries between cars. If your car is later than about 1986 it is computer controled and you cannot change it. Sometimes if the idle speed solonoid is bad or dirty, the idle will be wrong. Goodluck, Joe A vacuum leak will also cause idle quality issues.

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