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How can you enhance the mechanism in the brain that starts an idea?

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βˆ™ 2007-12-20 16:24:00

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What can parents do to enhance an infants brain?

2007-12-20 16:24:00
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What is a antonym of idea?

Is it Brain Block? Idea means something that comes to you immediately. So there is a chance that it is Brain Block, or some bigger word for Brain Block!

Is cell phone use a good idea or bad idea during school hours?

it is a bad idea if it`s causing distraction but good idea if you are using it to enhance your knowledge.

The lack of a mechanism hampered the acceptance of the idea that?

Species change over time

Is brain a material or an idea?

material and medium

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no idea

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How does brain coral move?

i have absaloutley no idea it grows in your brain so your infected hahaha :L

4 letter word for brain wave?


Why are skulls hollow and surunded by the brain?

i have no idea ? o.O

Where did Shakespeare get the idea for the merchant of Venice?

William Shakespeare gor the idea of The Merchant of Venice from his brain

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At the Linnaen Society meeting sometime in 1858 Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace had both their papers presented before the Society on which they proposed the idea of natural selection as a mechanism of evolution.

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Gum is a good idea to have in shool because, it helps your brain keep alert.

Northern mountain extreme conditions?

i have no idea but you can use your brain

How is the brain showed?

the brain is showed as two separate halfs. (check google images for a very good idea.)

What has the author W Russell Brain Brain written?

W. Russell Brain Brain has written: 'The contribution of medicine to our idea of the mind' -- subject(s): Brain, Mind and body, Pathological Psychology, Psychology, Pathological

What mechanism is involved in the hydrolysis of starch by salivary amylase?

man i don't know.. i don't even have an idea about it..

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Ibex icky idea?

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in inside ill if iguana illustrate I idea

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Invention of the jigsaw puzzle

What is the word that starts with a c means formed an idea?