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In a recent search, I found four in Western Australia. Phone numbers and addresses being prohibited in answers on WikiAnswers, I've linked the search site below.

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try and type in westies and there you have it!

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Q: How can you find Breeders of west highland white terriers?
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Where can you get a west highland white terrier in muscat?

Good question! You could go online to find nearby breeders.

Where can one find a breeder for Norfolk terriers?

One may find a breeder for Norfolk terriers via the "Norfolk Terrier Club". They have a FAQ section and allow members to find breeders in their local communities.

Can you get westies on Nintendogs cats?

Unfortunately not, but two close dogs are: the Maltese (which is white) and the Yorkie (which looks like the Westie and if you keep pressing the 'surprise me' button you should eventually find a white puppy to your liking).

Where you can find a west highland white terrier?

From a shelter or breeder.

Where can I find puppies for sale by reputable breeders?

There are several good resources to find a listing of reputable breeders. One is the American Kennel Organization that has a listing of all registered breeders and the other is The Breeders Club that also has a listing of registered breeders.

Where would it be possible to find a cross cairns terrier with west highland white?

cairns and westies are alike but i think it's possible

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Is it rare to find pure white staffie bull terriers without any markings?

I believe those are the best kind, the most sought.

Where can you find your karma points?

in the breeders manual

Were do you find a yorkie?

good breeders or shelters

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No, there are alot of breeders out there...beware of the scammers though! Florida and Texas have alot of breeders.

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