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With the arrival of a few new ships in the Caribbean, (ALLURE & EPIC)I think you'll find cruise lines scrambling to fill an extra say... 10,000 berths a week. This can work to your advantage. The operative word here is "competent". The mix of cabins the cruise line is trying to fill at "fire sale" rates is varied. The right person will have access to "FLASH" (unadvertised specials) and understand the relationship between the cabins location and it's price and can advise you accordingly.

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Q: How can you find a cheap cruise in October?
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Where can I find a cheap cruise to Alaska?

You can find a cheap cruise to Alaska at Another good site is

Where can you get a cheap cruise to Alaska?

You can book a cheap cruise to Alaska at Cruise Cheap, Travilocity, Priceline, Cheap Tickets, Expedia, Cruise Brothers, Alaska Cruises, Orbitz, and at all cruise line websites.

How cheap can I find a caribbean cruise?

You can find a cheap caribbean cruise by looking at travel packages on sites like orbitz and You could also check with a travel agent as well.

Where can I find a cruise deal of the day?

Cruise deals for every budget. Find a mini-cruise, a family cruise, a Caribbean cruise or one closer to home - our cheap cruise deals enable any holidaymaker to travel the world.

Where can I get cheap cruise packages from?

Priceline, Cruise Cheap, and Orbitz are all great websites that are designed to help you find and compare great deals on cruises and vacations and help you get the most out of your cruise experience.

Where can I find cheap Bermuda cruises?

There are several websites you can visit to book a cheap Bermuda cruise. is a site that offers cheap cruises to Bermuda. Also, libertytravel offers cheap fairs as well for a Bermuda Cruise.

Where can i get cheap cruise lines for my vacation?

You can check out or to book cheap cruise lines vacation and get various deals and specials. Depending on the time you want to travel you can find very cheap packages.

Where can one find a cheap Carnival cruise?

One can find cheap Carnival cruises online at a variety of discount travel sites, including Travelocity, Expedia, Carnival, and Priceline. One can also find discounted Carnival cruises online at Orbitz, Cheap Booking Buddy, Cheap Cruises, and Cruise Brothers.

What are some cheap cruise packages to the Bahamas?

you could try cruise line . com and find cheap cruises. Disney also offers a cheap 4 day cruise package that takes you to the Bahamas. Cruise is another site that offers 3,4,7 day cruises at very affordable prices

Cruise Cheap and Cruise for Fun?

Taking a cruise doesn't have to cost a year's pay. There are ways to find a fun and cheap cruise to a beautiful location. Consider taking a three or four-day cruise to the Bahamas. This cruise will be cheaper in the off season which is the summer into the fall. A short cruise is affordable especially when a lower cost cabin is chosen.

Where can I find a cheap cruise package?

The cheapest cruise would be The Princess Cruise line, if you go to their website, you should be able to find more information, they should have package deal and the price you want.

Where can I go on a cheap cruise?

You can find an inexpensive cruise with some advance planning and a little bit of luck. Saving money on the cruise fare will allow you more to spend on shore excursions, food and drinks and maybe even post-cruise land travel. If you don't find deals on a cheap cruise, keep searching: Prices change frequently, especially on travel web

Where can someone find a cheap norwegian cruise?

In my opinion the best way to find a cheap Norwegian cruise would be through a company called Expedia or Travelocity. Another way would be to try your local Travel Agency, most of them will find you the best deal.

Where can I find a cheap cruise to Jamaica?

Travel websites like travelocity, kayak, expedia will offer some deals on cruises to the caribbean and Jamaica. The best time to book a cruise would be during off peak season which runs from September to October.

How can i go on a cheap cruise?

To find some great, cheap cruise lines, simply check out some of the lines on "". They have wonderful deals and offers on there that can land you on a boat to Hawaii before you know it!

Where can I cheap rates for a Caribbean cruise?

You can find cheap rates for Caribbean cruises at a few different websites online. These websites include, Cruise Critic, Expedia, and many other websites too.

Affordable Cruise Packages?

Although there are dozens of different ways to find cheap cruise packages, it is important to remember that cruises at certain times of year are more affordable than others. Try to avoid summer cruises, which are the busiest and most expensive. The best times to find cheap cruises are in January, February, October and November, so seek out those times when possible.

Which websites help consumers find cruises for cheap?

Some websites that help consumers find cruises for cheap include the Cruise Cheap, Hotwire and Priceline websites. Alternatively, you can also find cheap cruises available from websites such as Orbitz and Expedia.

What are some cheap vacation packages for my family?

Question Summary: What are some cheap vacation packages for my family? Question Long-Form: My husband and I are planning a cruise vacation for the two of us. Where can I find some cheap cruise vacation packages?

Where can one find cheap Mediterranean Cruises online?

A person can find inexpensive Mediterranean cruises online at Expedia, Travelocity, and Cruise Brothers. Inexpensive Mediterranean cruises can also be found at Cruise Direct and Cruise Dealership.

When is the best time of year to get a cheap cruise in the Caribbean?

The time for a cheap cruise is around the beginning of Summer.

Where can one book a cruise for cheap?

One is able to find a book cruise for cheap prices at several different websites online such as the following websites: cruises only, sea bourn, expedia, and travelocity.

Whats the best way to find a cheap Caribbean cruise?

Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia and Priceline have search options for cruises. Cruise Brothers is another website for finding cheap cruises to the Caribbean Islands.

Where can one find cheap family cruises?

The best place to look for a cheap family cruise would be a comparison site such as Expedia where cruise prices can be compared. Travelocity may also have some good deals.

Where can one find deals on the cheapest Baltic cruises?

Cruise Critic, Dealchecker UK, Iglu Cruise, Cheap Cruises UK, Cruise Marketplace and Cruise UK offer the latest information on discounted Baltic cruises.,