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How can you find a good Orthopedic surgeon in Mexico?

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If you are in a major city like Mexico or Guadalajara go to the consulate web page and they have listings of health care providers.

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What is a good sentence for the word orthopedic?

An orthopedic surgeon will perform the foot surgery.

Is Dr William C McGarvey a good orthopedic surgeon?


Who might be a good orthopedic surgeon in the US?

Dr. John F. Sarwark

Can anyone guide me to a good Orthopedic Surgeon in Ghaziabad?

Visit the Yashoda Multi-specialty hospital if you are looking for good surgeons and proper facilities. Yashoda Hospital is highly reputed for having best Orthopedic Surgeons in Ghaziabad. They have a proven track record of curing severe orthopaedic cases.

Can you be a orthopedic surgeon or do you have to specialize in something?

i dont think you have to specialize in something. but i plan to become a orthopedic surgeon also. i wanna specialize in hand and shoulders. im not sure though im 14 and answering your question haha. hope you can become a orthopedic surgeon! Good luck and it takes about 7-10 years to become one....


In Great Falls, finding a good orthopedic surgeon can be hard. I would strongly consider finding one in a large city that has been practicing for some time. It's your life and need good care.

Orthopedic Surgeons?

When a person has an injury to a joint, the services of an orthopedic surgeon may be required. Orthopedic surgeons treat conditions involving the musculoskelatal system. Sports injuries, congenital defects, tumors, degenerative diseases, and trauma are all problems an orthopedic surgeon may treat.Training to become an orthopedic surgeon is intensive and competitive. Typically, an opthopedic surgeon completes four years of undergraduate studies, four years of medical school, and a five year residency program. Candidates for these residency programs usually graduate at the top of their medical school classes.Some orthopedic surgeons continue their education with a one or two year fellowship program. These fellowships allow the surgeon to specialize in such areas as hand surgery, total joint reconstruction, and spine surgery.After completing the residency program, an orthopedic surgeon is eligible for board certification. This means that the surgeon has met all the requirements of the Board. Both written and oral exams are necessary for board certification.When choosing an orthopedic surgeon, there are many factors to consider. Education and experience are both important; it’s best to find a surgeon who has delt with the problem being treated before. Also, talking to one’s family doctor is a good idea- he or she likely has experience dealing with the different orthopedic surgeons in the area. Asking family and friends who may have had orthopedic surgery is helpful too; they can give you feedback on their experiences with their surgeons. The patient also needs to trust in their instincts as well; you should feel comfortable dealing with the surgeon you choose.Finding the right orthopedic surgeon to treat an injury can be a daunting task. Consider the surgeon’s areas of expertise, years of experience, reputation, and bedside manner before choosing your surgeon. Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon can lead to life changing medical care that can relieve suffering and enhance the quality of your life. A good orthopedic surgeon will be with you step-by-step as you take this journey.�

Who is the best orthopedic surgeon in Denver CO?

The best orthopedic surgeon in the Denver area would be difficult to quantify because of many factors. However, some very good ones are Andrew Wong, Ross Wilkins, and Douglas Dennis.

What technology skills do you need to become a surgeon?

You figure it out it also depens on what type of surgeon yo want to be like a orthopedic surgeon should be good at hammering things and stuff like that ect.....

Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon in Mexico?

use google

What courses do you need to take in high school to become a orthopedic surgeon?

What you choose to take in high school really does not matter. Just do well enough to get into a good (yet inexpensive) college. On the road to becoming an ortho surgeon, you want to stay out of debt as much as possible, especially at the college level. Go into debt, if you must, at the medical school level. I am an orthopedic surgeon.

What is a pedatric orthopedic surgeon's outlook?

well surgeon is a good job with good salary i am a surgeon in and aged 22 i have a bachleors of surgery degree and i finshed george mason it is the best job kids donot know how to pick jobs do you want to be a millionair just become a surgeon it is so easy

Where can I find reviews and recommedations online for orthopedic surgeon for a knee replacement surgery?

We'd need to know your city and state to provide any specific suggestions. However, has a wealth of information. Good luck!

Do you need good grades to be an orthopedic surgeons?

I know this doesn't mean much coming from a stanger but if you want to be a orthopedic surgeon your grades need to be really high... if u wanna get into med school u better have straight A's

How To Choose An Orthopedic Surgeon?

Choosing an orthopedic surgeon to treat you or a loved one is sometimes a nerve wracking process, but with the right resources and a little initiative, feel comfortable and on your way to a healthier future.Ask aroundOne of the best resources you have to find a quality orthopedic surgeon in your area is to ask local friends, neighbors and family. See if they have any recommendations they can offer you. While the internet is a very comprehensive source of information with recommendations on nearly any subject, a direct recommendation from someone who has undergone the experience of having orthopedic surgery is an invaluable resource in choosing the right surgeon for you.Ask friends and family for recommendations about the best surgeons in your area. Establish the surgeons credentialsOnce you have created a list of professionals, call them and set up appointments to find out more about their credentials. Ask your surgeon about his or her education, specialties and experience in the particular area you are seeking treatment.Go with your gutChoosing the right orthopedic surgeon is a task that involves finding more than a good surgeon. Before making any plans for surgery, check your comfort levels and trust meter. Do you feel comfortable with the surgeon? Do you trust him or her? Establishing a good doctor-patient relationship makes sure the treatment plan your surgeon recommends is in accordance with your expectations and goals for the surgery, and ultimately leads to better outcomes for both parties involved.Once you have found a surgeon you both trust and feel comfortable with, focus on your plans to recover and remain healthy and happy in the future. When the procedure is over, you are now ready to make a recommendation on the surgeon's capabilities.

My father needs spine surgery, is there a good surgeon in the Chicago area I can call for him?

Some good orthopedic surgeons in Chicago are Dr. Purnendu Gupta and Dr. Howard An. You can look for others at

Who is the best orthopedic surgeon in the US?

It all depends how you want to define best. Some surgeons devote more time to research, and they're often quite well known. Some surgeons perform specific, unusual procedures that they have been specially trained to do. Some orthopedic surgeons gain notoriety by being the physician of politician or professional sports team or player. There is no simple way to define the best surgeon. First, it is very unusual that you would have to travel a great distance to find a very good orthopedic surgeon. There are thousands of well-trained, experienced orthopedic surgeons throughout the United States. Secondly , surgeons who perform the most common procedures the most frequently, may not be particularly well known by the above criteria.

Where can I find a list of doctors in New York City who can give a second opinion on whether an injury to the spine requires surgery?

The New York Spine Instititute is a good place where you can find a reliable orthopedic surgeon to give you a second opinion on the problem... You check out their website at

Who is the best orthopedic surgeon for hip replacement in Brooksville or Tampa Florida area?

SW airlines is the best otrthopedic surgeon in Tampa because they can take you to Mayo clinic in Minn or Cleveland Clinic or another major medical center where you may just get a good a doctor and actually have a good outcome

Where can I find a good bariatric surgeon?

If you type the place where you live in this website it will show you a listing of bariatric surgeons in your area.

How is the best place to find a competent plastic surgeon?

The best way to find a competent plastic surgeon is to look at physician's ratings. Another way to find a good plastic surgeon is to ask around and see if any friends recommend someone.

What might be a good military hospital for orthopedic surgery?

Hospital Hispano Americano ,Mexicali / Mexico. Orthopedic surgery costs $11,420 only. The medical center has state-of-the-art facilities plus the waiting time is short. Please Google "Placidway knee replacement surgery cost in mexico" for more medical centers.

Knee Replacement: Finding The Best Surgeon?

When you are considering undergoing knee replacement surgery, it is crucial that you find a reliable knee replacement surgeon to perform the operation. While the vast majority of knee surgeons are seasoned professionals, the truth of the matter is that some surgeons have a better track record than others. Thankfully, it is now fairly easy to find a great surgeon in your area but doing a little bit of research online. Let us take a close look at the best methods of finding the right knee replacement surgeon to perform this important procedure. The best way to find an experienced and qualified knee replacement surgeon is to start with online databases of surgeons through the websites of professional organizations like the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, or AAOC, as well as the American Medical Association. So long as a surgeon is in good standing with both of these organizations, you should be able to rest assured that he or she is a highly qualified knee replacement surgeon. There are also less formal website and internet forums available that present reviews from actual patients who have knee replacement surgery from a particular surgeon that can offer you a great deal of peace of mind. While it is true that there are some excellent resources for researching orthopedic surgeons online, many patients find that they can find a great knee replacement surgeon simply by asking trusted medical professionals in their area. One of the best ways to obtain leads for a local orthopedic surgeon is to simply ask your general practitioner. If you have friends or family members that are employed in your local hospital, you might be surprised at just how many resources that they can provide on local orthopedic surgeons. It is truly incredible just how far knee surgery has come in the past few years. A decade ago, undergoing knee surgery was a major operation that often resulted in causing more problems for a patient than it solved. These days, the techniques and technology available to orthopedic surgeons can have a made knee replacement surgery one of the most successful invasive orthopedic surgeries. As a result, patients typically experience an incredible increase in mobility and quality of living.

How do I find a gastric bypass surgeon?

The best way to find a gastric bypass surgeon is to do a search and read reviews of patients who have used that doctor before. Make sure to find out if the doctor has any bad reviews our results from any of his patients who have had gastric bypass surgery. Another good way to find a good gastric bypass surgeon is to ask your own doctor who they would recommend.

Would the yellow pages be a good place to look for a plastic surgeon?

"You can find a plastic surgeon in the yellow pages, but a safer way would be to ask friends for referrals and/or do research on the internet to find surgeon has a good reputation in the area that you are planning to get surgery. When you do get names of the surgeons, go to the state licensing board and check their status."