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Try to get a driverguide account ( It is free, and they have a gigantic database full of drivers. You can search for a driver for your specific component.


Driverguide is NOT necessary!

Goto nvidia's website here:

Under Product Type: Select "Legacy"

Under Product series: Select "Geforce 2 MX Series"

Under Product: Select "Geforce2 MX/MX 400"

Then chose your Windows Version and click search.

Or you can just follow the link below to Getdriversnow website

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Q: How can you find drivers for the nvidia geforce2 mx 400 video card?
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Will a nvidia geforce2 mxmx 400 graphics card work with mac OS x?

Being quite an old (2002?) graphics card Nvidia's original Mac drivers were written for Mac OS 9. The card can support Open GL/Quartz but many manufacturers made their own versions of the card some are more Mac friendly than others. (See links below)

Can you download video driver for free?

yes. The website of the card's GPU manufacturer's website (eg. NVidia, ATI, etc.) has a page for downloads of graphics drivers. All video drivers are free.

You have ATI accelerated graphics driver and you are not sure which nvidia driver you need for ubuntu can anyone help?

If you have an ATI video card, you do not need an NVIDIA driver. Ubuntu includes a "Restricted Drivers Manager" that will automatically download and install any proprietary drivers it detects your card needs.

Where can you download the software called nVidia Drivers?

google it, under nvidia drivers, it will bring you to there driver site where u have to fill in the os, card info etc like that.. it will then direct you to where your drivers for your card is.. so have the info ready ahead of time.

How do you get a video card driver?

Just Check your Graphic Card Chipset, and know if it is nVidia or ATI(AMD) Radeon , when you done, just visit their site, and search for the part : Drivers or Downloads

What drivers are better than the Nvidia Quadro FX500?

That is a video card, not a driver. A driver is software that tells the video card what to do. Meant to ask what video card is better than the one you mentioned? ..Go to a dedicated PC hardware forum and ask there ..not here. (ex: bleeping computer)

What is better a 256MB Nvidia geforce 6200 agp card or a 512MB Nvidia Geforce 8400 pci video card?

the 8400 is the better card

Nvidia GeForce 6150E nForce 430 Video Card I need a picture of this card or is it a PCI or AGP or a PCI Express card You can email me

I need to up grade the video card NVIDIA GeForce 6150E nForce 430

How do you check temperatures in NVidia video card?

If you open the nVidia control panel on your desktop it should show you all the operating temps of your card

Can you install an update of Nvidia video-card on your Intel graphics card?

An update for a program to fix issues with NVIDIA cards will not have any effect with Intel graphics. You cannot use NVIDIA-specific programs on your Intel card.

Will a 6200 NVIDIA Video card handle aion?

ye the nvidia 6200 can handle Aion on Normal Settings

Which is the best video card?

The best video card in the world is the nVidia GeForce GTX 690 - For the cost of over $3000.

Can you remove nvidia forceware networking drivers?

Not if you want to use your network card.

How do i switch to nvidia graphics card from Intel?

You will have purchase NVidia video card and install it in your computer. But be careful make sure that your computer supports upgrade you are about to do. Modern video cards require at least PCI-E x16 port. As result not all computers even new support video upgrade from onboard video to dedicated video card.

What video card do I need if I were to run Crysis 2 at full settings?


How can you fix bad video card drivers on minecraft?

Try searching the video card manufacturer's website for updated drivers.

Why would the NVIDIA setup program not be able to locate any supported drivers on Windows XP?

Because an Nvidia graphics card doesnt use windows XP drivers...if youre trying to locate the drivers put the install disc in and have it search the drive

How do you update the video card drivers?

You can use windows update, manufacture website or NVIDIA or AMD websites. When you are using windows update it will update your drivers automatically but not to the latest version. If you use manufacture website or chip producer website, you will need to download exe file. Once it is downloaded run it and follow instructions. When you install drivers from NVIDIA it will install update server too so you do not have to worry about searching for newest drivers.

Where can you upgrade your graphics card to get pixel shading 1.1?

Well, i wouldn't say upgrading your graphics, because the only way to do that is to upgrade to a better video card. You can get better video cards at a website called which has the best deals anywhere, it also has loads of info. If you want the most up to date video cards, i would reccamend getting the nvidia 9800, nvidia 260, nvidia 280, or the nvidia 295. And remember the better the graphics card, the better the monitor, CPU and the power supply needs to be.

Could morrowind run on this computer?

System requirements for Morrowind are as follows:Minimum system requirements:Windows ME/98 128 MB RAM; Windows XP/2000 256 MB RAM; 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon processor; 8x CD/DVD-ROM Drive; 1 GB free hard disk space; Windows swapfile; DirectX 8.1 (included); 32MB Direct3D Compatible video card and DirectX 8.1 compatible driver; DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card; Keyboard; MouseRecommended:800 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor; 256 MB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS, or ATI Radeon 7500 or faster video card.Supported video card chipsets*:NVIDIA GeForce4; NVIDIA GeForce3; NVIDIA GeForce2; NVIDIA GeForce 256; NVIDIA TNT2; ATI Radeon 8500; ATI Radeon 7500; ATI Radeon 7200; ATI Radeon; ATI Rage 128; Matrox G550; Matrox G450; Matrox G400If you need help, email your system preferences to and I will help you.

Can video card drivers be downloaded?

Video card drivers can be downloaded online. There are many options available and many can be downloaded for free.

What a good video card?

CrossfireX (double) the ATI Radeon 5870 or the Nvidia 295

How do you flip your screen on the computer when its upside down?

Generally you need to use the drivers/software provided by your graphics card manufacturer. On my Windows Vista machine I right click on the desktop and select personalize. Then I choose the Display Settings Option. Next I click on Advanced Settings. This brings up your properties and any software drivers provided by your graphics card. I have a nVidia 8400M GS card and have a tab on this window for this card. When I select this tab I have the option to start the NVIDIA Control Panel. On the NVIDIA Control Panel I have three main headings on the left side of the screen in a display tree: 3D Settings, Display, and Video & Television. When I open the Display directory I have the option to Rotate display. This will do it for you if your graphics card is nVidia and it has the capabilities to rotate the display.

How do you install the latest video driver?

You go to the GPU manufacturer's website, such as Nvidia for instance. There will be a support tab on the site that will allow you to download the latest drivers for your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). If you are fortunate enough to own an Nvidia card, there is a small program that you can run from their site which will tell you what driver you need. If you have another brand of card, you will need to know what the card is before going to the manufacturers site as you will need to select from a list of drivers the one for your card. Once you download the driver to your desktop, just double click it to start the update procedure.

What is the best video card for fps games like MW2 css tf2 Gmod?

Video card, depends on your system. I reccomend NVIDIA brand.