Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How can you find mew?


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The only way to obtain Mew was through an event for FireRed/LeafGreen.


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you can find a mew mew power costume on ebay.

you can find mew ichigo/zoey mew lettuce/bridget mew pudding/kiki mew zachruo/renee and mew mint/corina on ebay!

You do the mew glitch go to youtube and find out .

you can watch mew mew power on pop girl or on youtube

At 12 map you can find mew and in the grass..

you can find a mew in Pokemon indigo by going to " rooms " and at the bottom where it shows " room name " type in mew and then a room with a mew will be shown

Its called Lucky Me you can find it on Itunes if you search Mew Mew Power.

They find out renee is a mew in episode 10- i must admit she's a mystreious one

You can't find Mew in Pokémon Silver.

you find mew at the power plant after 21 bagges

You will not find mew unless you have a action replay.

1. no such thing as a mew island 2. you can find one in enerald at the mirage island

You cannot find Mew in HeartGold or SoulSilver. The only way to get Mew is to trade it from another game, or to use PalPark.

No, you cannot find Mew where Mewtwo was. You cannot find Mew in Leaf Green nor Fire Red versions. yes but you will haft to use gameshark or something like that

try AbeBooks, eBay or Amazon. You can also find Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode (season two), if you're interested

Tokyo Mew Mew actually, it's an anime. It has an English adaptation called Mew Mew Power, but unfortunately it was never finished. You can watch Mew Mew Power and Tokyo Mew Mew both of YouTube and where ever else you can find.

You cannot find Mew in Pokémon Platinum.

You can't find Mew in the wild. You can only get it from special giveaways.

Yes he eventually does but that's later on in the series he kind of figures it out you can say :) its louloumewmew96 here if you wanna find out the episode its 38

You need an action replay to get mew or mewtwo

You can't find Mew in Pokemon Silver. !!!!!!!!!!! {IT'S TRUE !!!!!!!!!}

Yes he did, and he was okay with it.

you can actually find some episodes in English on youtube

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