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How can you find out how a property is titled in Tennessee?

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Go to the county courthouse and request a copy of the current deed.

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Can you sell a real estate property titled in trustee after owner dies?

Can you sell a real estate property titled in trustee after mother and father dies

Do hostas grow in Tennessee?

Yes, hosta plants grow in Tennessee. I live in Tennessee and have several on my property.

Is Tennessee a community property state?


Can someone suing you go after a property that is titled to your wife?

Yes, if you live in a community property state.

Is an automobile considered property for probate court?

An Automobile is titled property. The probate court has to authorize the transfer of title.

What happens when brother and sister buy a house and brother dies without leaving a will or survivorship deed Does his son have any claim to house or does sister own all This is in Ohio?

The way the property is titled determines who takes ownership. If the property is titled as Joint Tenants or Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship, the surviving person(s) named on the deed receive the entire property and it is not subject to probate distribution. If the property is titled as Tenants-In-Common, it is subject to probate distribution as required under the laws of the state in which the property is located.

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Is inherited property in Tennessee considered marital property for both spouses?

No, what you inherit is yours and not part of the marriage.

Do plumbers need a license in Tennessee?

No but they do need a permit to work on the property.



Where can you find information on how many counties are in Tennessee?

Tennessee has 95 counties.

Is Tennessee a community Property State in a divorce?

Tennessee is not a community property state. COMMUNITY PROPERTY STATES • Arizona • California • Idaho • Louisiana • Nevada • New Mexico • Texas • Washington • Wisconsin

Do tornadoes effect living in Tennessee mountains?

Yes. Tornadoes do occur in the mountains of Tennessee and can cause property damage and endanger people's lives.

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Can you shoot a raccoon on your property in Tennessee?

No. As i work in goverment you cannot shoot the racoon. Its is illegal.

If you die in Tennessee with credit card debt in your name will your spouse be obligated to repay the debt?

No, Tennessee is not a community property state. Married couples living in non community property states are not responsible for debts incurred solely by either spouse.

Is there a site to find someone in Tennessee prison?


How can you protect yourself when not married and buying a home together?

Be certain the property is titled properly. Property is generally held in one of two ways, Tenancy-In-Common or Joint Tenancy.

Where can one find the Tennessee Valley authority?

One can find the Tennessee Valley Authority in Knoxville, Tennessee. The headquarters of the Tennessee Valley Authority are also in the same city, while there are also offices available in Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia and Virginia.

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Is it necessary to have both spouses on property title?

No, but laws in each state differ. A property can be titled for one spouse and not the other. It's best to check with a title company in the state where the property is located. Sometimes, the spouse that has no interest in the property will have to sign a form stating stating this.

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Can a lien be taken out on the property because of wife unpaid debt?

It depends upon the state in which the married couple reside and the way in which the property in question is titled. In community property states both spouses are considered responsible for debts incurred during the marriage therefore all marital property would be attacheable. If the property is titled Tenancy By The Entirety (not available in PC states) the property cannot be encumbered by liens when only one spouse is the named debtor. Please note, it is the responsibility of the non debtor spouse to present the court and/or judgment creditor with valid documentation of the status of the property.

Can you put a lien against property that is not titled or deeded in that persons name?

You can file a court case if you have any evidence that the person transferred the property to avoid creditors. The court will issue an 'ex parte' lien against the property if you are successful.

What happens to property in cohabitation when one dies?

What happens to property when the owner dies depends on how the property is titled not whether the owner "co-habitated" with another person. Generally, co-habitation does not provide any legal rights of inheritance.

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