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In order to take out a life insurance policy on your father, they would have needed an insurable interest. This limits it to family members and creditors. Ask! No, only your father can take out a life insurance policy on himself. He could have taken one out on himself with his friend or pastor being the beneficiary (person who collects after final debts are paid), although no one else is able to take out a policy one someone else. And no one else besides the owner of the policy may make changes to an existing policy. Hope this helps.

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Is whole life insurance provided by Allstate?

i trying to find out if my father who is deceased have a policy

What if the father IS NOT the executor in the mothers will?

Then someone else is and must follow the wishes of the deceased.

How can you find out if a John Hancock account owned by my father is unclaimed?

How can you find out if a John Hancock Insurance account owned by my deceased father is unclaimed

Your father is deceased you are trying to find any life insurance policies he might have had?

How can I find out if my decease father placed us on his life insurance. He remarried and his wife has not forwarded any documents to us

What are the child's rights to life insurance of deceased father that terminated his parental rights?

The life insurance proceeds are owed to the beneficiary(s), regardless of parental rights.

What is a sentence for the word deceased?

My father is deceased.

Can you transplant a testicle?

Yes - testicles have been 'harvested' from recently deceased bodies, and successfully transplanted into in fertile men - allowing them to father children.

Who can challenge paternity of a deceased father?

The parents of the deceased father (the childs grandparents) can do a paternity test.

Who is the father and mother of Sasuke Uchiha?

Father: Fugaku Uchiha (deceased) Mother: Mikoto Uchiha (deceased)

Is it grammatically correct to say your father is deceased?

Yes. My father is deceased is a polite way to say he is no longer with us.

If a father disinherited his children in his will and left life insurance to his deceased wife with no contingent will the money go to the children or the estate?

In most cases it will default to the estate.

How do you find out information about a life insurance policy for a deceased parent?

I just found a policy for my deceased father. the certificate number is 0070-w-s-245. Effective date is January 1, 1948. What do I do to find out more on this policy?

What does it mean if your father who is deceased approves of new boyfriend?

Assuming the question refers to a dream of the deceased father, it suggests that the dreamer feels confident that her father would approve of this boyfriend if her father were alive.

In the state of Georgia do children from a first marriage have any legal rights to properties owned by their recently deceased father?

If your father died intestate, without a will, you can check out the laws of intestacy for the state of Georgia at the related question below.

Can a child inherit a mothers house if deceased step father's name is still on the deed?

In the event the step father is deceased, yes. But, you will need a copy of the death certificate showing that he is in fact deceased. Also you will need to know if he had a will that willed the property to someone else.

What does it mean to dream about your boyfriends deceased father?

A dream is an interpretation of the dreamer's thoughts, so either your boyfriends deceased father is on your mind, or he recently told you that his father is dead so do not think its an omen (I used to think that everybody I dreamed about was my true love)But its only because I liked them so that's what I wanted to believe so It's just because your thinking about it,or thought about it.

Does the beneficiary have to pay taxes on a life insurance policy he has collected on?

received life insurance from my deceased father and it wasn't probated but added to his probate estate for taxes and 9 years later they want me to pay all the taxes. is this correct

Where does the clark sisters father live?

He is deceased.

Can you apply for citizenship in Canada where your deceased father was born?

Yes, you can apply for citizenship in Canada if your deceased father was born there. However, it is not a guarantee that you will gain citizenship.

Can social security claim money from deceased father after one year?

Yes, social security money can be claimed from a deceased father after one year.

Does a child from a bigamist marriage have all legal rights to properties owned by your recently deceased father?

Childern have the rights toevery thing that is their father's no matter what! if this chind is the frist child of the deceased he/she has even mre rights, and if their is only one male child it gos to him first.

Can you get child support from the state if the father is deceased?

No, you file for his social security. Also, if you have limited income/assets, you might qualify for TANF or Medicaid, or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Can you cash an insurance check issued to your deceased father by his medical insurance to pay out of network doctors costs you have power of attorney over his estate?

Absolutely; power of attorney gives you the power to act legally on his behalf, which includes cashing checks.

Who is Oakheart?

A RiverClan warrior who was the deputy and father to Bluestar's kits: Mosskit(deceased) Mistystar and Stonefur(deceased)

how can i get a paternity test done on my son father if he deceased ?

You should be able to establish paternity by testing someone in the fathers immediate family, such as a brother, sister, mother, father, etc...the family of the father still carry his DNA even after he is dead.