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Just ask or get a close friend to do it. Some of the ways you can tell if someone likes you are: staring then looking away when you catch them looking,blushing when you speak to them,always seems to be in the same place or group of friends,by telling you how pretty or cute you are and so on They flertttttt!!!

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If someone likes you and he or she is shy, first find out if that person really likes you. If that person likes you then try to ask that person out. I'm sure it will be fine.

Find a way to get them alone.

Try talking to them about your feelings for someone else and look out for their reaction 9/10 is obvious that the person likes you or not.

find someone that likes you for your personaliity nnot your looks

if he flirts with u or somethinq

Let the person decide who he or she likes. If you find out that they like your friend, just find another person.

If u find a change in someone's behaviour

find someone who likes dogs and cares 4 them

find someone who likes to win, and is good with words

You should find someone who likes you for you and if they don't then they are not good enough for you.

well, first off if someone says to you that someone likes you, find someone close to the person that you think likes you, then ask them if that person likes you, then they will say yes, or no, or i dont know, if they say yes, and you like them, go ask them, if they say no, go yell at the person yell, or if it's a boy slap him around a bit, and if its a maybe, ask him or her to find out i hope this helped :-)

then it possible that he likes you, or just trying to find someone, but more likely he likes you.

get with another lad to try and make your crush jealous if it doesn't work then he likes someone else or get a friend to ask him if he likes someone and if he does tell your friend to ask him who he likes. if he doesn't like you then move on you can find somebody better then him, somebody that actually loves you.

Its not a good idea to fight over a guy who your friend likes him. So wait till she finds someone else or if you find someone better than that guy.

Find someone who likes you for who you are and if you like him back, well there ya go.

Then you go out there and find someone who deserves you.

Go to and playlove match

The best way to find out is to ask her. Or, if you want to find out without actually talking to her, ask her friends and try and find out if she likes you. If not, then it won't be embarrassing to ask her.

If you are uncomfortable with talking to him\her, then what I would do is ask one of my friends to do it for me. If you want to find out f someone likes you, then the only way to notice is if they keep looking at you, or turning the colour of a tomato when they are anywhere near you. Hope this helps :)

Well... Just be yourself, talk about what she likes. You have to know her and identify what she likes to talk about, but stalking the worst way to find information about someone and stealing information.

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