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How can you find out if you have a coin of value?


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You can show it to a reputable dealer or an experienced collector. If it's a US coin, you can look it up in A Guide Book of US Coins or if you know what it's proper name is you can find price guides online. If you know what it is or can describe it well enough for Workingman or myself to ID it, post your question on this board.


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You can find updated coin values at cointrackers, it will give you the retail prices. There is also a coin value guide you can check the value and what dealer you can use to sell coins.

It is not very easy to find out the value of a 1878 morgan silver dollar, because the value varies from $20 to $46000 which depends on the condition of the coin. A specialist could help to find the value of this coin.

Find the value of the coin and see if it matches close to the price they are advertising. If you find that the value is $250 and they are selling it for $20 it's not the real coin. Another thing to watch out for is if the coin(s) or advertisement says "copy". If they do it means they are only selling a replica of the coin and not the real deal. You can find coin values online at Numismedia.

Post a new question with a good description of the coin such as the date, denomination and any wording on the coin.

Send it to a coin expert and they will most likely be able to tell you what it is worth.

The value of a coin can be found in a number of different ways. For commonly known coins, there are usually guides and charts available online. If the coin is rare, one can ask a specialist, coin traders or coin collectors.

August 1, 2009 The only value I could find for this coin was $75 in an online store..

First find the value of the coin. Then take it to a collector and make them pay what it's worth.

One example would be a 2012 US penny. For the most part, any coin that you find in your pocket change is of little value.

f you want to know the value of a Canadian 1964 1 dollar coin, you need to know that is a silver coin. The minimum value is 10$. If the coin have never circulated, you can find the value according the the grade here :

You can take it to a coin dealer and have it appraised.

There are many online sites that can estimate the prices of gold coins. If a person wants a rough estimate of the value of the gold in the coin they could find the gold price and weigh the coin.

The value of a silver coin is always changing because the value of silver is always changing. See the related link below for a silver coin value calculator. This does not give the actual value of the coin but it does give the value of the metal used to make the coin. This is know as the melt value.

Without knowing which coin, there is no way of valuing it. What is the date on the coin, the value on it, condition? These are questions used to put an accurate value on a coin.

These are only worth a few cents -- you can find them in coin dealers' misc. foreign bins.

the smallest value of a coin is a penny.

The gold plating adds nothing to the value of the coin and has no collectible value at all unless you find someone who wants it.

intrinsic value If a coin had value because of its metal content, you would refer to the "bullion value" or the "melt value" of the coin, as versus the "numismatic value" that a coin which was rare or in exceptional condition would have.

From your description. This is a "Token" not a official Mint issued coin. It needs to be seen to find out if it has any value at all. Take it to a local coin dealer for an idea of value.

Metal value depends on the purity of the silver and the weight of the coin. Numismatic value depends on the condition of the coin.

The gold plating adds nothing to the value of the coin. It has no collectible value at all unless you find someone who wants it. The plating actually kills the numismatic value of any coin. But the silver in the coin still has some value, today it's about $12.00.

The value of the 5 Sydney Olympic coin is approximately $55.00. This is for the silver coin. The condition of the coin is something that may impact the value.

go to u can find out there

A slabbed coin is a coin that was graded by a grading service. There are many grading services out there. You can use google to find some of them. Having a coin graded can give you the exact value and therefore is easier to determine its value.

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