How can you find out if you have a warrant out for your arrest for hiding a vehicle?


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Call the local law enforcement agancy.


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I am interested in law. How can I find a free arrest warrant by searching the internet?

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Without a warrant you must find reasonable grounds to arrest someone, whereas with a warrant your reason to arrest the suspect already exists. Without a warrant a Police Officer can arrest anyone without permission of a Magistrate as long as they follow the correct procedures so their arrest is lawful, which is unlike an arrest with a warrant where you must be granted the warrant to be able to arrest that person. Without a warrant, a Police Officer can mess the arrest up and make it an unlawful arrest but with a warrant it is very unlikely that they make it an unlawful arrest.

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Yes. Your question does not make any sense, but yes. A warrant for your arrest can be signed at any time with sufficient cause. A better question is why do you think your getting a warrant and how is it related to this vehicle. You filed under repossession, and to my knowledge you cannot get a warrant for hiding something from being repo'd. They are separate schools of law, the repossession being under a breach of contract between you and the loaning institution (contract law I think its called), and a warrant would be regarding criminal law.

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There is no public database for Arrest Warrants, because that information is not automatically available to the public. You, or your attorney, can inquire directly with the Police to find if there is a warrant for your arrest.

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Call a police department in the state where you think the warrant is. I dont think its entirely possible to find out free without actually incriminating yourself. Theres a bunch of articles about it online. yahoo "free arrest warrant searches". You can check online for an arrest warrant with an arrest warrant search.

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