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Q: How can you find that at which point the Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale coincides?
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At What temperature do Fahrenheit and celsius scale coincides?

The temperature at which the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales coincide is -40.

40 degrees below zero celsius is what degree fahrenheit?

This is the only temperature where it coincides between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. 40 degrees below zero on the Celsius scale is 40 degrees below on the Fahrenheit scale.

What point will meet Celsius and Fahrenheit?

The scale point of -40 is equal for degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.

A substance melts at 375 Celsius What is the melting point on the Fahrenheit scale?

A substance melts at 375 Celsius. What is the melting point on the Fahrenheit scale?

How are a Fahrenheit thermometer and a celsius thermometer different?

On the Celsius scale, the freezing point is listed as 0°. The freezing point on the Fahrenheit scale is 32°. Likewise the Boiling point is also different. The Celsius is 100° And Fahrenheit is 212°

What is the boiling point of the water on the Fahrenheit scale and the celsius scale?

212F and 100C, at sea level.

What is the boiling point of water in the Fahrenheit scale?

100 degrees Celsius (boiling point) equals 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the reason you have the celsius and Fahrenheit scale?

Both scales were developed in the early 18th Century. The Fahrenheit scale was proposed by Daniel Fahrenheit. The freezing point of brine set the 0 point. 180 degrees separated the freezing point of water (32 degrees) from the boiling point (212 deg). Anders Celsius introduced the Centigrade scale in which the freezing point was 0 deg and the boiling point was 100 degrees. Centigrade was later renamed Celsius. The Celsius scale is the international standard, used by most countries and scientific communities in all countries. There are some countries, however, that have not fully adopted the Celsius scale, so the Fahrenheit scale remains in use today.

What is the degrees in Fahrenheit for 180 Celsius?

180 degrees Celsius is 356 degrees in Fahrenheit. Most countries use the Celsius scale instead of the Fahrenheit scale. The official scale for the United States is Fahrenheit.

At which point do the numbers on the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales match?

at -40 on each scale.

What is the numerical difference between the boiling point and freezing point of water measured in degrees of Fahrenheit and Celsius?

On the Celsius scale, the freezing point is 0°C and the boiling point 100°C. On the Fahrenheit scale, the freezing point is 32°F and the boiling point 212°F.

What are the units of a kelvin scale Fahrenheit scale and celsius scale?

The units, in this case, are kelvin, degrees Fahrenheit, and degrees Celsius.

What temperature will the reading on the Fahrenheit scale be double of the reading on the Celsius scale?

160 Celsius = 320 Fahrenheit

Calculate the temperature at which the reading on in celsius will be 5 times the reading on the Fahrenheit scale?

10 degrees Celsius is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the only point where the reading of Fahrenheit is 5 times the reading of Celsius.

What does Celsius mean in science?

There is a temperature scale called Celsius. On the Celsius scale, the freezing point of water is 0o and the boiling point of water is 100o (in comparison to the Fahrenheit scale, in which water freezes at 32o and boils at 212o). Also note: the Celsius scale is sometimes called the Centigrade scale, although Celsius is the correct term.

How many degrees are between the melting point of ice and boiling point of water on the Celsius scalefahrendeit scale?

100 Celsius212 Fahrenheit

Is 50 hotter on Celsius or on a Fahrenheit scale?

50 celsius Hotter on Celsius Scale

What is the unit used when measuring temperature?

There are four units for temperature: Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, and Rankine. The Kelvin scale is the same as the Celsius scale, just with the zero point being absolute zero. The Rankine scale is the same thing for the Fahrenheit scale. ■

What temperature is absolute 0 degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit?

−273.15° on the Celsius scale which equates to −459.67° on the Fahrenheit scale

What is the equivalent temperature on the Fahrenheit scale?

Most of the world now uses the Celsius scale where the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius.

What is the scale for on a thermometer?

The C is Celsius and the F is Fahrenheit. On a Celsius scale water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius and boils at 100 degrees Celsius. On a Fahrenheit scale water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit because Celsius is used world wide and Fahrenheit is used only in the U.S.

What is 23 Celsius?

23 degrees Celsius is a temperature reading on the the Celsius scale. To compare to the Fahrenheit scale 23 degrees Celsius is equal to 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the upper fixed points of the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale?

The upper fixed point on both scales is the boiling temperature of water at standard pressure. That temperature is defined as 100° on the Celsius scale, and 212° on the Fahrenheit one.

What is another scale besides the Celsius scale?


How do degrees Celsius relate to degrees Fahrenheit?

The Celsius scale has its 'zero' at the same temperature as 32 on the Fahrenheit scale, and each Celsius degree is the same size as 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees.