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You can't fix a broken heart. That's not a useful answer, I know. A broken heart will heal itself. It is painful. One can prolong or shorten the pain's duration and intensity. Obsessing over the loss prolongs it, occupying your mind with other things shortens it. Analogy; if one has a cut on one's hand, picking at it, disturbing the flesh increases the pain and prolongs the healing process. Covering the wound and occupying yourself with other things will let the wound heal more quickly and with the minimal amount of pain. It still takes time though.

Advice: Acknowledge that you're in pain, allow yourself to feel the pain. Grieve the loss, but don't replay the break-up details. Make a deal with yourself: allow yourself 20 minutes a day to feel the loss and no more. Within days you will feel less and less intensity. Clarity will come, you will see.

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Q: How can you fix a broken heart?
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